Apple Inc. Partners With Cisco Systems To Target Enterprise

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Apple and Cisco Systems have just announced plans to team up to try to get more business users to buy iPhones and iPads. The two companies are working together to make Apple’s devices work better on enterprise networks running on Cisco’s networking equipment. The partnership is also aimed at helping iPhone and iPad users more fully understand and use the collaboration products and services offered by Cisco.

Apple, Cisco Systems work to integrate products

In a press release, Apple and Cisco said they wanted to “create a fast lane for iOS business users” by integrating iOS devices with Cisco-based networks. Cisco Executive Chairman John Chambers said 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Cisco’s Collaboration products and networking equipment. Cisco and Apple are optimizing the former’s networking equipment with the latter’s iOS devices to make them “work together more efficiently and reliably.”

Further, the two companies are working to improve the iPhone’s collaboration capabilities in using Cisco’s video and voice products. They said the goal is to make the experience between the iPhone and a user’s desk phone more seamless. Apple and Cisco have been working on their collaboration for 10 months and announced it to Cisco sales reps today at a conference in Las Vegas.

Apple continues targeting enterprise users

Enterprises are seen as the next big prize for device makers. BlackBerry has been surviving (although no longer thriving) on enterprise users by emphasizing its strong security, although Apple has the company in its sights. The company has been taking bigger and bigger strides in this area. Last year, Apple announced a partnership with International Business Machines. Apple is creating business-focused apps under the terms of that partnership, while IBM sales representatives sell Apple device to enterprise customers and offer support for them.

Apple has been dealing with slowing iPad sales for the last couple of years, with iPad revenues falling 24% over the nine months through June 27. There have been rumors that the company is planning to release a 12.9-inch iPad Pro to target enterprise users and hopefully boost iPad sales.

As of this writing, shares of Apple were down 0.59% at $112.62 per share, while Cisco Systems shares were down 0.79% at $25.80 per share.

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