Apple Mountain Lion Updates Include iCloud, Power Nap, New Safari

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Apple Mountain Lion Updates Include iCloud, Power Nap, New Safari

Tim Cook unveiled the OSX update Mountain Lion at today’s World Wide Developers Conference. While talking about the new OS he concentrated on eight of its supposed two hundred new features. Here are 4 of them:

iCloud: iCloud support, as expected, has been fully integrated into the new operating system. The service has 125 million users and Apple is looking to use it to tie down its halo effect. The integration in Mountain Lion means support for cross device app integration in all of Apple’s native software and coming integration from developers.

Notification Centre: Borrowing from iOS the new version of OSX will have a notification centre that groups notifications from across all of the different apps running on your system into one place. This is clearly analogous to the notifications bar in iOS and further signals the cross platform relationship between the two.

New Safari: Apple’s own browser is getting an update to come with Mountain Lion the new update speeds up the browser and gives it integrated search functions. The browser will also feature iTabs which will sync tabs across iOS and OSX devices. Tab View is a new system that lets users zoom out in their browser to give them a complete display of the tabs they currently have open.

Power Nap: This is a completely new feature that lets your Mac perform updates while it sleeps and continue to refresh data while in that state.

These are just a few of the new fantastic features that will be available when OSX Mountain Lion comes out later this year.

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