Apple March Event Launch List: iPad Pro 2, Red iPhone 7 And 7 Plus, 128GB iPhone SE, More

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Rumors, we all enjoy reading them especially when it concerns what new goodies Apple may release. Or when an update to a much-loved product may be announced, however, when is too much Apple induced rumormongering enough?… Seeing as you’re here already, have you heard the one about an Apple March Event. One which will see it unveil new iPad Pros, new iPhone SE models and an all-new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus color option? Here’s what you need to know:

Apple March event
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Apple March Event

According to the well-known Japanese site Mac Otakara, an Apple March event will take place this year. And if this particular rumor turns out to be true it means the Cupertino-based tech giant has been a very busy Bee! Needless to say that those who follow everything Apple have gone a little crazy because of this news/speculation. However, without a yes or a no from the horse’s mouth, it’s worth investigating.

iPad Pro

What is the name of this Apple March event? Sorry, we don’t know. However, rumor suggests the iPad Pro will take center stage, receiving new additions to its line and a spec update. As for the detail, the current 12.9 and 9.5-inch Pro’s will receive the spec update. While new additions will include the much talked about 10.5-inch and 7.9-inch devices.

As for specs and features, previous rumors have pointed towards an AX10 chip and between 4GB and 6GB of RAM. Additionally, a buttonless display rumor has entered the fray, but as always there isn’t much to go on.

iPhone SE

Did the iPhone SE sell well enough to justify the handset getting an update? According to Mac Otakara it will feature at the previously mentioned Apple March event. As for what may happen, the rumored suggests an increase in storage capacity is likely. Right now, the SE is available in 16GB and 64GB variations with a 128GB variant likely to join them.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Could a red or maybe even a white iPhone 7 become available at the Apple March event? We’ve covered these rumors previously, however, the color variant failed to materialize each time. Could that change with this event? Again we don’t know, however, clicking the links above will take you to images and video of both variants.

Final Thoughts

We’d very much like to think that Apple will focus on its entire product range in 2017. Giving refreshes to the likes of the Apple Watch, its straps, and the WatchOS. However, the current rumors don’t mention it. Instead, the iPad Pro, some minor iPhone updates and the highly anticipated iPhone 8 are more likely…

What do you hope an Apple March event will reveal?

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