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Apple iPhone 7 – Possible New Features

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The iPhone 6 may still be shifting a significant number of units for Apple, but attention among analysts and the Apple-following community has already turned to the release of the iPhone 7 in 2015. It is likely that Apple will follow a similar schedule to the iPhone 6 for this device, particularly as the previous iteration in the iPhone series has performed so well for them. But the latest rumors indicate that this will be an extremely powerful smartphone, and a significant departure from the previous model in the iPhone range.

iPhone 7 – the new features

Apple iPhone 7 - Possible New Features

Power increase

Reports over the last 24 hours are indicating that the iPhone 7 will be twice as powerful as the previous model in the series. The first indication of this are rumors that Apple will arm the device with 2 GB of RAM, as opposed to the 1 GB on which the iPhone 6 relied. Apple has always squeezed extra performance out of its device thanks to the outstanding proprietary iOS software, and is in the rare position in the smartphone market of designing both software and hardware.

This meant that the iPhone 6 performed perfectly adequately in comparison to its major competition, but if Apple doubles the memory available to the iPhone 7 then it is fair to say that a significant improvement in performance will be achieved. The idea hasn’t come out of the blue; the 2 GB rumor emanates from a website in Taiwan with sources based deep in Apple’s supply chain.

Battery life improvements

It is also likely that the iPhone 7 will significantly lower power consumption as opposed to the iPhone 6. This would be a very welcome addition for fans of the series, as even the biggest devotee to the iPhone 6 would have to concede that it is rather greedy with battery power. Indeed, the battery life of its devices has been a bugbear held against Apple for some time, and there seems to be little doubt that the corporation will presently be working on attempting to alleviate this in future devices. A more powerful battery will combine with this technology to provide the iPhone 7 with a significantly longer battery life.

Quad HD

The iPhone 7 will also significantly improve on the screen resolution of the previous device in the series. This could mean the first ever HD smartphone from Apple, with the smaller version of the iPhone 7 likely to benefit from a full HD display. With the iPhone 6 Plus having already boasted this resolution, this would then obviously put pressure on Apple to release a Quad HD variant of the iPhone 7, which would surely be enthusiastically welcomed by consumers.

Curved display

A curved display also looks to be increasingly possible. Rumors from within the Apple supply chain already suggest that the consumer electronics behemoth is seriously contemplating this design approach. It may be that even the hierarchy of Apple itself has not made the ultimate decision on this as of yet, which is not essential as the device will not go into production for sometime. However, it does seem based on leaks that Apple is already experimenting with a curved design and all that this entails within its internal departments at present.

Sapphire glass

If a curved screen iPhone would represent something of a revolution, then the inclusion of Sapphire Glass as well would ensure that the iPhone 7 is a significant alteration over the previous devices in the series. This was a very strongly rumored component of the iPhone 6, particularly after Apple purchased vast quantities of the material in the run-up to the unveiling of the device.

As it came to pass, Apple did not include Sapphire Glass in the make-up of the iPhone 6, but given the industrial quantities of the material that it has in its possession, it seems an absolute certainty that Sapphire Glass will be included in an Apple product in the near future. Many analysts were left with egg on their face after predicting that this would be the case with the iPhone 6, so it cannot be said to be a certainty that Sapphire Glass will feature in the iPhone 7. But it must be at least a very distinct possibility.

Health emphasis

As Apple’s range of products becomes more health-focused with the introduction of the Apple Watch certainly expected to place an emphasis on this later this year, the iPhone 7 may also have similar functionality. Firstly, it is expected that the device will very closely collaborate with the Apple Watch, partly to encourage consumers to buy the first Apple smartwatch. And, secondly, there are also murmurings which suggest that Apple will make the iPhone 7 a significantly waterproof device, in order to encourage it to be used by swimmers and other athletes.

Dual-lens camera

Finally, it has been strongly asserted that Apple will include an extremely powerful dual-lens camera in the iPhone 7 which will give it hitherto unimagined levels of photographic capabilities.

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