iPhone 6S Event Live Stream: Everything You Need To Know

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Apple fans only have one day to wait for the keynote September 9 unveiling of the iPhone 6s. This hotly anticipated event in San Francisco will finally yield the next generation smartphone from the world’s largest consumer electronics company. But what else can we expect from Apple tomorrow, and where are the best places to view this event live? Here is a rundown of all the critical information regarding this important iPhone 6s unveiling.

iPhone 6s live stream timezones

The first thing to note is the time that you will need to tune in to catch the iPhone 6s conference live. So the following is a list of all the relevant timezones for the Western world.

10:00 PDT

11:00 MDT

12:00 CDT

13:00 EDT

17:00 GMT

18:00 BST (current UK time)

19:00 CET / CEST (current time mainland Europe)

20:00 EET / EEST

How do I configure my Apple device correctly?

In order to view the Apple event on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, it is essential to ensure that your device is running at least iOS 7. Apple is not supporting operating systems that precede this. It is probably also advisable to view the event through Apple’s proprietary Safari browser. Apple certainly promotes utilizing Safari in order to view the San Francisco confab, and other commonly used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox are still deemed to be incompatible with the live stream, owing to their failure to adopt the HTTP Live Streaming technology as standard.

Alternatively, one can simply access the Apple App Store, and download the Apple WWDC application, which will automatically let you stream the keynote speech when September 9 rolls round.

If you wish to view the iPhone 6s event on an iMac, it is essential to ensure that your device is running OS X 10.8.5 or above. Safari 6.0.5 or higher is also required.

Can I view the Apple event on an Android device or PC?

It is possible to view the iPhone 6s unveiling event via Android phone by downloading the VLC app for Android. Simply deploying this application will enable you to stream the event when Apple goes live.

This is also the first Apple unveiling event that can be viewed by Windows users, although only Windows 10 is compatible. With Microsoft Edge having adopted HTTP Live as a standard element of the software, it will be possible for PC users to watch an Apple live stream. However, it must be emphasized that all other versions of Windows will not be able to stream the Apple event. Fortunately, Windows 10 is still available free for both Windows 7 and Windows-based users; more information and a download link for this operating system is available here.

Where can I watch the iPhone 6s live stream?

The best place to watch the iPhone 6s event is via Apple’s own streaming. This can be accessed here.

But while Apple will attempt to put some extremely sturdy servers in place for the iPhone unveiling event, there is always the lingering possibility that traffic could cause issues.

Thus, there are other options available for people wanting to view this event live. Aside from the main Apple stream, other websites will also be providing live videos of the event. Two particularly excellent locations to view a stream of the Apple event are Ustream and Twitch. Although these are unofficial streaming options, Twitch users in particular are extremely resourceful, and it is highly likely that several Twitch members will indeed stream the Apple event live on the day.

What will Apple be unveiling?

No-one is 100 percent sure what Apple will be unveiling at the September 9 event. But enough information has seeped out by now that media has a pretty strong impression of what we can expect from the unveiling events. Above all else, one device is almost an absolute certainty, so it is logical to begin with what will be the centerpiece of the conference.

iPhone 6S Event Live Stream: Everything You Need To Know

iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus

Although Apple never confirms the release of iPhone devices ahead of the actual unveiling, it would be an incredible surprise if this huge 7,000-strong event did not focus around the next generation iPhone 6s.

It is generally considered by analysts that Apple will dub this smartphone the iPhone 6s as opposed to the iPhone 7, indicating that it is an upgraded version of the popular iPhone 6.

Reports on the iPhone 6s have suggested that Apple is intending for this device to be the biggest iPhone released in its history. In particular, it has been reported that Apple will manufacture 90 million iPhone units for sale by the end of 2015, which would represent a record for the corporation.

The iPhone 6s will almost certainly incorporate Force Touch technology, while improvements in camera megapixel rating and screen resolution are also anticipated.

iPhone 6S Event Live Stream: Everything You Need To Know

Apple TV

It is also strongly expected that Apple will unveil a redesigned Apple TV set-top box, possibly featuring 4K resolution capabilities. There are also likely to be new features related to apps and games, with recent report suggesting that Apple will place a particular emphasis on the latter.

Rumours of a Nintendo Wii-like gesture-sensitive controller have come to light, and it seems probable from murmurings related to this device that Apple will target casual video gamers.

Additionally, recognition of Siri voice commands will play a central role in the next generation Apple TV, as the consumer electronics giant steps up its strategy to occupy a larger role in the average living room. Siri voice commands could be used to retrieve weather forecasts and sports results, but also as a hub to control lamps, thermostats and other smart appliances using Apple’s HomeKit technology.

Upgraded Siri

Speaking of which, Siri itself will be upgraded, with the intention of ensuring that the new iPhone 6s software will also make it easier to set up automated homes. Smarthome technology is expected to be a growing niche in the remainder of this decade, and Apple has already clearly made it a priority to get in on the ground floor with smart appliances.

Siri will also offer assistance outside of the home, with digital assistance also likely to offer recommendations such as nearby restaurants before users even ask for help. The assistant may also be able to automatically load applications based on past behaviour, for example when you attach headphones to a Bluetooth speaker in a vehicle.

In general, this smarter Siri release is expected to fit into Apple’s overall vision for the future of its technology range.

iPhone 6S Event Live Stream: Everything You Need To Know

4K 21.5-inch iMac

Finally, there have been increasing suggestions that Apple could update its iMac range, which has remained stagnant since 2013. New processors and a higher specs will be part of this process, but the eye-catching aspect of the new iMac will be its 4K Retina display. Apple already released the first 5K display in a mainstream desktop computer with the 27-inch version of the iMac, and it now seems time for Apple to go ultra HD with the smaller 21.5-inch cousin.

So in conclusion, there is plenty for Apple fans to look forward to at this iPhone 6s unveiling event, and it should be possible for a wider range of people to access the live stream than has ever been possible previously.

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