Apple’s iOS 9.2.1 Improves Performance Of Older iPhones

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Now that huge numbers of people are accessing the internet on smartphones such as the Apple iPhone, the issues surrounding the performance of these devices has become a huge subject of conversation.

If people aren’t complaining about poor battery life, it’s a question of decreasing performance as later versions of the most popular apps are released. Unfortunately not even Apple can get around the unavoidable truth that the greater demand you place on a device, the slower it will function.

Some Apple owners do not upgrade due to performance worries

Fans of the Apple iPhone have been known to react with dismay as their previously well-performing smartphone suffers a dip in performance after a new version of the iOS operating system is released. However it is completely understandable that since the new iOS likely adds new features, it will place an extra burden on older hardware.

As a result, some iOS device owners don’t upgrade to the latest operating system because they fear decreased performance. As it stands approximately 19% of iOS devices are still running iOS 8, despite the fact that they can be upgraded to iOS 9.

New iOS update actually benefits owners of older devices

Owners that hold back from updating are missing out on important security updates. Making the leap from iOS 8 to iOS 9.2.1 will fix a lot of security issues in your device, even if you decide not to continue downloading newer versions of iOS 9.

Now it appears that iOS 9.2.1 may tempt iOS 8 holdouts into updating. A video published by iAppleBytes reveals that owners of older hardware could in fact benefit from the upgrade.

Although boot times will be slower on every device apart from the iPhone 5s, thanks to its 64-bit processor, older devices will in fact be faster on iOS 9.2.1 than iOS 8.4.1.

Kingsley-Hughes admits that he has not performed any side-by-side comparison tests, but he has noticed better performance from his older devices. It seems unlikely that it will blow your socks off, but the Apple update does in fact make older hardware more responsive.

If more people come out in praise of increased performance, could we see the percentage of iOS 8 holdouts start to fall?

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