Apple Unintentionally Pre-Releases Name For iPhone 5

Apple Unintentionally Pre-Releases Name For iPhone 5
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With the sun only up for more than two hours in California, it’s already a busy day for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). It’s D-Day for the company, as it plans to announce its iPhone 5, and already stories are coming out about it.

Apple Unintentionally Pre-Releases Name For iPhone 5

First off, the phone’s name has possibly been confirmed as “iPhone 5” as noted on website’s search engine, reported The Next It has been perceived as a likely error that it was live on the site, but it hasn’t stopped the media from immediately jumping on it.

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But there’s more.

Other slip-ups include content on the site talking about the launch of its new iPod touch and iPod Nano. Again, there was information that hasn’t gone live, but is likely to do so upon the company’s announcement later today.

Here’s a screen shot that includes some information about the new iPod touch.

Perhaps the most interesting story to come ahead of the launch, is news that the new smartphone will be LTE compatible.

For this story, 9to5mac jumped on it, after again seeing a URL. It also isn’t working on the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) website, but it is expected to go live upon the launch, and provide information about the phone’s technology, specifications, and support by Apple for worldwide 4G LTE networks.

As to which carriers will support Apple’s LTE phones remains to be seen. According to The Next Web, rumors are swirling that a universal LTE chip will provide coverage for numerous 3G and 4G bands (and operators).

Since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) release of the new iPad (which may be considered a previous version, with the rumors of a newer and smaller iPad coming to consumers), fans have been impatiently waiting for the new 4G smartphone. Its sales, along with the maintenance of sales for the iPhone 4s, are expected to have quite an impact on the economy.

Earlier this week, stories came out that sales could boost the GDP by 0.5 percentage points, or $3.2 billion. A J.P. Morgan economist disclosed this in a research report called, “Can one little phone impact GDP?”

The news rocked the airwaves, as consumers’ expectations continue to rise this week for the new phone.

Investors have also been excited about the pending new products from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). The company’s shares have risen 14.54 percent in the last three months, as consumers await the launches; year-to-date, shares are up 62.95 percent.

From this rise, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) now sits as one of the most valuable companies ever, with its $618.65 billion market cap.

For now, as investors await the highly-anticipated launch, the stock is down 0.26 percent to $658 today.

Today’s Apple’s iPhone 5 launch event by the company will begin at 10am PST/1pm ET/6pm BST.

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