Apple Battles With Nokia Over SIM Cards

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Apple Battles With Nokia Over SIM Cards

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) cannot seem to come to an agreement on SIM Cards. In a recent meeting with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute to reach an agreement on a nano-SIM card, neither parties could come to terms on a plan that would satisfy both companies.  The ETSI is now giving a thirty day period for the technology companies to settle an agreement.

The pending nano-SIM card from Apple would replace the current MicroSim card. The idea behind this new design is that it would be even slimmer and inspire companies to make thinner devices and Nokia refuses to license the new SIM patents if Apple’s is chosen.  The ETSI loves Apple’s idea, but other technology companies including Research-In-Motion (RIM) and Motorola Mobility are siding with Nokia.

The nano-SIM card could change the way future technology is built and according to Mark Durrant, a representative for Espoo-based business, the smaller cards could “identify wireless subscribers are standardized to reduce industry costs and give consumers freedom to switch handsets and networks.”  This would mean more choices for the customer but it could mean a big loss for other phone makers.

We all know that Apple pretty much dominates the cell phone industry right now and it appears that they will continue to trail blaze unless other companies step up to the plate with better phones and more affordable choices. It’s tough competition out there and what makes it even tougher is that many agencies and other non-competitive companies will continue to side with Apple as they continue to make huge profits. We won’t know what will happen or if the companies will finalize an agreement until next month but it’s not looking very good for Nokia right now and it doesn’t appear that Apple or the ETSI is going to budge anytime soon.

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