Anamika Mishra: Life Is All About Taking Chances

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Anamika Mishra: Life Is All About Taking Chances 

At the age of 23 in 2013, her debut novel Too hard to handle was released. This novel was critically acclaimed and much appreciated for the maturity on relationships expressed by such a young girl. Since then, there was never looking back for Anamika Mishra.

Anamika Mishra often referred to as Indian Robin Sharma is a successful author, blogger and a motivational speaker. With just 2 novels to her credit, Mishra has gained much popularity than any other author of her age. She is best known for her witty nature, strong opinions and positive perception towards life.

Anamika Mishra

VoiceMates is her newest novel that has been published by Jaico books which is already a bestseller. It is an inspiring love story about a girl named Tulip, who harbours a secret passion for singing but she is afraid to pursue this passion. The fear of failure stops her from taking a step ahead. Through VoiceMates, Anamika has tried to explain the importance of taking chances in life.

‘Life is all about taking chances, whether for career, dreams or relationships! When I completed my studies, I had no idea what my life would be after 5 years. All I knew was, I wanted to be an author and I wanted my voice to be heard. I left my high-paid radio job just after working for 20 days. That was the biggest risk I took as I just have had completed my studies, didn’t have money with me and had zero experience! No doubt, that was really a tough time, but today when I look back… I see it was totally worth the efforts. I see youngsters having passion in them to do something in life, but they hardly take chances to follow their passion, to chase their dreams. I really want to inspire people to take at least 1 risk in order to follow their passion and give their 102% in that one chance.’Says Anamika

Her thought provoking and inspiring words have changed life of many. She believe she is a dreamer and everyone should dream big. ‘When you dream big, you expand your ability to work for your goals!’adds Anamika.

When we asked about her opinion on success, she replied, ‘Success is not a matter of luck! It is all about the strategies, thoughts and hard work that you put together while chasing your dreams. It might take some time, but if your intentions are positive and determination is firm, success will be knock your door!’

Not many know, but Anamika is highly spiritual in nature. She believes in God and the powers of universe. ‘Yes! I am a spiritual person. I believe, Lord Ganesha is always there with me to help me sail through tough times. Also, I believe that universe is always listening. It is powerful and full of energies. So whatever we think and say, it goes up and something in return comes back. Therefore, I always try to stay and speak positive so that, I get positive in return from the universe!’ adds Mishra.

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