American Express Offers: Now Save $30 On Amazon With ONE Point

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The American Express cards are well known for the breadth of perks, and many customers are willing to pay the annual price tag just to get these. Some of these perks are however less known and less used than others, one of these available through virtually every Amex card, is American Express offers. One of the most popular and valuable offers is the targeted Amazon offer.

Right now, one of the best American Express Offers is avaible. This offer allows you to get $30 off any transaction of over $60 on Amazon, for 1 Amex Membership rewards (MR) point. Of course you have to have one of the AMEX cards that earn MR points.


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That is purchases of almost anything on the Amazon catalogue! Imagine all those items in your Amazon wish list that you thought were a bit pricey are now $30 off! Or you can use it to buy someone special a great gift. You can even use the $30 off on 3rd party Gift cards from popular brands like Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods, Starbucks, Uber and even Airbnb. You can purchase gift cards from some of the retailers that you use every day and save $30 on your current expenses.

These American Express offers are specifically targeted to individual users and are based on their previous behaviours, which makes them even more relevant to the card holders. Interestingly, you will get different offers from your friends and might even get different offers from your various Amex cards, which may even make you want to have more than one Amex card.

These American Express offers are designed to incentivize you to make purchases on Amazon and use your Amex cards for your everyday spending. Hence, these are updated quite frequently, and you must add these offers to your cards, by going to your account, to qualify for them. You should try and add these to your account as soon as possible since some of them have a maximum number of cards that can qualify for specific American Express offers. It is also important to note that these offers have an expiry date, so you need to keep note of those.

In summary, the American Express offers are a good way of saving some money on your everyday spending, whether it is from Amazon or using a 3rd party Gift card. So, go ahead and link your Amex and Amazon account and see what you will get.

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