Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-Readers Start Shipping In The U.S.

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The new Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi + 3G started shipping in the United States today, according to the announcement of, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN).

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-Readers Start Shipping In The U.S., Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) described the devices as the “most advanced e-readers built.” The company boasted that the Kindle Paperwhite e-Readers provide higher resolutions, 62 percent more pixels, adn 25 percent higher contrast than other products. The devices have 8 weeks of battery life, with built-in patented front light and a slim and sleek design.

The Kindle Paperwhite offers free 3G connection, allowing users to download books anytime and anywhere in 100 different countries worldwide.

In a statement, Jay Marine, Vice President of Amazon Kindle said, “Kindle Paperwhite is the most advanced e-reader ever created, and the Kindle we always wanted to build. Pre-orders have far exceeded our expectations, and we’re excited to start shipping Kindle Paperwhite to customers today.”

According to the online retail giant, the devices are integrated with the new “Time to Read” feature, which helps readers track the amount of time they would spend to finish a chapter, or the entire book.

Kindle owners who are Prime members have access to more than 210,000 books from the company’s “Lending Library”, and borrow them for free without waiting and due dates.

Early in September,’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, revealed the Kindle Paperwhite e-readers. The company started accepting pre-orders last month. The price of the Kindle Paperwhite with WiFi is $119, and the Kindle Paperwhite 3G is $179.

Bezos described the new e-Readers as “thinner than a magazine; lighter than a paperback.” Both Kindle Paperwhite models are 9.1 mm thick and weigh 7.5 ounces.

Technology reviewers provide positive feedback for the Kindle Paperwhite e-readers. A staff member from TechCrunch said, “The Kindle Paperwhite is a reader’s dream…I’m wildly impressed with the simplicity and beauty of this device” while CNet described the devices as the best in their class, saying, “With an excellent built-in light and Amazon’s best-in-class ebook selection, the Kindle Paperwhite rises to the top of the e-reader pack.”

Last month,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) also introduced its latest model of the Kindle Fire HD tablet during an event in Santa Monica, California. The tablet comes in 7-inch, and 8.9-inch display, with 1080p HD, in plane switching (IPS), and 254 PPI with dual-Dolby stereo sound. The prices for the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch screen and 8.9-inch screen are $199 and $299 respectively.


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