, Inc. Unveils Email Service For Businesses

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Online retailer Amazon now offers an important service with more features exclusively to businesses

Earlier this week, online retail giant Amazon announced a preview of its new enterprise email service, Amazon WorkMail. This new service will directly compete with similar services like Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Amazon’s enterprise email service will include all the typical features one would expect from email service. It will also work with existing providers and web-based email providers. WorkMail service will be compatible with Microsoft Active Directory. Outlook users can sign into WorkMail via their client with existing credentials.

Amazon aims to improve business interactions

WorkMail that stated businesses have a tough decision to make when selecting an email service. It costs a lot of money to host email on-premises. It requires expensive hardware and ongoing maintenance work. Current email cloud servers help with some of the problems, but not all. These services don’t usually include security features or integrate with corporate directories. Amazon hopes to change all that with WorkMail by offering simplicity and on-demand access to a managed cloud server. It also features security controls.

Highlights and features of WorkMail

The company’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, offered more details about the new enterprise email service in a blog post. He highlighted features like stored data encryption, location control, message scanning, S/MIME and mobile device policies. With stored data encryption, data that is not being used at the moment will be encrypted and managed. Location control means the WM administrator can choose to create mailboxes within any supported AWS region. Data and mail stored in one location cannot be transferred to another location.

The message scanning feature ensures all incoming and outgoing emails are scanned to prevent spam or malware. S/MIME encrypts data in transit to and from Outlook clients as well as specific iOS apps. Mobile device policies and actions allow the administrator to require more security features. WorkMail service is affordable at $4 a user per month.


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