Amazon To Begin Shipping Its Kindle Voyage Today

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When you can buy a Kindle Fire HD6 for $99, you would certainly be forgiven if you were to ask why on Earth would you buy a $200 e-reader, that does nothing else? The addition of 3G to the Wi-Fi capabilities of the $200 Kindle Voyage will take you up to a whopping $290 for a simple reader. So back to that question, the answer is you have some money and really like to read electronically, because this thing is done well.

Amazon Kindle Voyage: Design changes

The Voyage is an edge-to-edge reader with a glass screen that can damn near hold the content that a mid-sized library holds. There is little danger of confusing it for other e-readers that Amazon sells like the Paperwhite or its original model that doesn’t have a light, but neither has the Voyage’s price tag either.

The Voyage is 7.6mm thick,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s thinnest e-reader yet but not a tremendous improvement over the Paperwhite’s 9.1mm. Amazon has also shaped the Voyage in a way that it is genuinely easier to hold with one hand. While that’s nice its the display that makes a massive difference. Said display, boasts 300 dots per inch to the 212 dpi that the Paperwhite can claim and the difference is quite significant at first glance and continued use. Additionally, the Voyage includes something Amazon is calling PagePress that makes paging both forward and backward considerably easier with a slight pinch on either side of the device.

Amazon Kindle Voyage: No glare from the sun

Also impressive display wise is the use of micro-etched glass that keeps the sun from producing any glare if using outside. That is not something most tablets or e-readers can claim, there is quite literally NO glare even on the sunniest of days.

The Voyage is a great reader, but at those prices I don’t know that it’s that great. If you read a lot and have the money, it’s certainly worth it. It removes all the problems that Kindle has had with its other readers without question but I don’t see myself buying one given that I could buy to Paperwhites for the same price.

Of the few complaints I’ve had or read, the battery life is a touch of a concern. A vacation of two weeks in which you planned to really catch up on some writing should probably include the inclusion of a charger in your suitcase especially if Wi-Fi were to be used to build the device’s library.

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