WALTR 2 Lets You Transfer Files To Any iOS Device [No Jailbreak Required]

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A couple of years ago, Softorino, a team of talented developers, created the WALTR software for Mac and PC. This software made it possible to break the iPhone and iPad software barrier, meaning that WALTR could convert on the fly, making previously unusable file types usable on iOS devices. Now there’s WALTR 2, and it has a lot more to offer, such as smart Automatic Content Recognition and wireless transfer. What’s great about this is that no jailbreak or iTunes is required.

WALTR 2 file conversion and transfer made easy

The original WALTR software worked on both Macs and Windows PCs, but it did have some limitations. One of these constraints was its need to be attached to a computer via a cable. However, in the two years since its release, the team at Softorino has been working hard to remedy this and have now been able to give its successor the freedom its users demanded.

High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity is probably one of this new version’s biggest tricks. It instantly searches for Wi-Fi-enabled iOS devices when switched on; when the devices are found, it makes a connection in seconds.

Easily transfer many media types

With WALTR 2, the file type restrictions placed on iOS users are gone. The software allows the transfer of many different file types to an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Additionally, the type of content is not restricted, meaning that music, ringtones, videos, PDFs, ePubs, and more will convert into usable formats.

Using WALTR 2

Unlike some other file conversion and transfer software, WALTR 2 is easy to use. There’s the choice of plugging an iPhone or iPad into a computer or using the new Wi-Fi option. Then it’s as simple as choosing the files to be transferred and dragging and dropping them onto the iOS device.

One new feature of WALTR 2 is its backward compatibility with older pre-iOS devices such as classic iPods. The app will work with all iPods, iPads, and iPhones, including devices dating back to 2001.

Content recognition

Yet another addition to this new version is Automatic Content Recognition. What this means is that WALTR 2, doesn’t just move and convert file types. It can now recognize the content too; it does this using auto metadata construction. A user can now transfer any music, movie, or digital book at the software, and it will be tagged correctly. This means that a user no longer has to add a title at a later date; it’s done straight away.

Features compared

waltr 2 features compared
Image Source:softorino.com

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, this software does not come for free. There is a free trial, but the full price is $39.95. You can download it now from softerino.com. However, if you’re a user of the original WALTR software, upgrading to the latest version entitles you to a purchase price of $19.95.

While this app has quite a steep price tag, it does remove the need to use a jailbreak to gain its functionality. So if you’re thinking about jailbreaking your iPhone, this software does give you a fully tried and tested alternative option, one which, if you would like to transfer files to your handset regularly, could soon be worthwhile.

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