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How AI and Machine Learning Is Transforming Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is the buzzword of 2020. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has been the buzzword of the online world since 2019. All the hype and all the struggle of marketers makes sense because the more visible a business is on the internet, the more successful it’s considered. Speaking of digital marketing, today we are here to talk about how AI and machine learning is transforming digital marketing. Yes, you can easily look for a company to manage SEO in Dubai but you should know how your business can change. All these latest technologies are changing the world and they have an impact on almost all the fields. There’s nothing to worry about with AI and machine learning because at the end of the day, all of it just makes our lives and our daily chores easier.


AI and machine learning lead automated Content Generation

It sounds a little hypothetical and unreal but it’s pretty much true that different AI tools can together collect information from the internet and create content automatically. The biggest example we can quote here is that of Forbes which is already using such tools for the generation of artificial content. Especially if you want to automate content generation on information and current news, the best tools to use are Quill and Wordsmiths.

Smart Search Results

We all know how Google delivers search results right? Well, according to the latest update of RankBrain, it turns out that even Google is using artificial technology and smart machine learning to omit all the negative results and prioritize the relevant results. On top of everything, there are Induct Smart Ads that can help increase your revenue and boost your business. For this you need to use Adtext which is basically an ad management system that collects all the information using the AI technology and the machine learning technology.

Data Integration

Data collection is now easier due to AI technology. You can now easily use this technology to gather data from different software and data collection tools and you can then easily integrate it. This really can be helpful in customizing ads and targeting the customers based on their avatars and buying journeys. With the help of meta-analysis, artificial intelligence can easily capture the datasets and analyze them.

Speech Recognition

Voice search is the talk of the town and it’s trending at the moment. Statistics show how more than 70% of Google’s traffic belongs to the mobile users who use voice search to access online information. This is another major reason why Google brought up the concept of RankBrain which interacts with the users, learns about them and then serves them accordingly.

Lead Generation

Just like an automatic recruiter, AI can go through all the datasets on the internet to find the best and the most ideal customer for you. It all happens due to the information this technology already has and the one it uses from different tools and software. The best part is that AI can easily predict how good a lead is for you and how far it will work. For a business, this technology is no less than a blessing because this automatic recruiter can save you a lot of time especially in basic searching. Hence, with AI, you can focus more on pitching sales and making calls.


One of the biggest examples of AI is the use of chatbots that’s increasing at a rapid pace. Look around and you’ll see that almost everyone on the websites and Facebook pages is using chatbots for automated customer interaction. These bots act like human beings and they interact with customers right away when someone puts in a query. If you think of it, this really is big for businesses as it helps in responding to customers on time and all of it adds up to a “great customer service”.


Personalization and automation are two of the major places where AI and machine learning can come in handy. Advertisers can now use the artificial intelligence technology to understand user behavior in a better and detailed way. Not only this, in fact, marketers can now easily devise their marketing strategies keeping the consumer preferences in view.

Overall Verdict on AI and machine learning

Without any doubt AI is changing the world and especially digital marketing. As you can see, all the above mentioned factors point out in the same direction that yes, these latest emerging technologies will take over the world but for good only. It’s only that with such technologies, the competition among businesses will grow h2er as everyone will be striving hard for better and more effective digital marketing strategies but at the same time it’s going to be beneficial to a whole another level. Right now, most of what’s being done in digital marketing is just “guesswork”. The things we mentioned are a result of experiments and testingbut there’s a lot more to come our way and we have to be prepared for it.

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