Add A ‘Send To Evernote’ Button In Your Gmail With Powerbot Extension

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Evernote, the popular to-do list manager, has changed the way we take notes. Evernote is not only available for smartphones, but also for tablets and different operating systems.

Add A 'Send To Evernote' Button In Your Gmail With Powerbot Extension

The app not only allows you to create plain text notes, but also lets you add your own voice, photos, links and files. It is much more powerful than you think.

Powerbot for Gmail addon allows you to create and access Evernote notes right from Gmail’s interface. This addon is available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Once you install this extension for your browser, you will need to login with your Gmail and Evernote account. You will then need to authorize both the services to use your account.

Once you finish with the configuration part, you are ready to start using Powerbot for Gmail. You can see two new buttons in your Gmail’s interface. One is for “Send to Evernote” and second button is the “Send thread to Evernote.”

When you click on these buttons, you will be prompted to change the title, fill out tags, comments, select notebook, when you’re done, click on the “Save to Evernote” button to save it to Evernote. You will be notified when the saving process is complete.

You’ll be able to quickly insert notes when composing messages. This can be done by clicking on “Insert Evernote notebook/note” link in Compose window.

The Powerbot for Gmail extension is really powerful, it lets you save stuff in your Evernote with a single click. There’s also an activity log area, which lets you view a complete list of messages/notes sent to Evernote. Access it from: HERE.

If you don’t mind providing access of your Gmail and Evernote accounts to Powerbot, then it’s worth a try. Download it from below link.

Download Powerbot for Gmail

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