Abigail Johnson: Managing Fidelity Investments and Life/Career

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An interview with billionaire and CEO of Fidelity Investments, Abigail Johnson. In this interview, Abigail discusses managing and growing Fidelity and continuing her family’s legacy. Abigail also talks about her early life and career in finance.

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Video Segments: 0:00 Introduction 1:13 Did you always want to run Fidelity? 1:53 Your grandfather started Fidelity in 1946? 2:46 Your father at Fidelity? 3:03 What did Fidelity do to become so successful? 3:47 Complicated growing up? 4:18 Did you grow up modesty? 4:31 Did you want to go to business school? 5:22 Did your father say you had a obligation to join the family business? 6:33 Did your dad promise you CEO? 6:44 Is it awkward when your father is CEO? 8:03 ADVERT 8:31 How much money do you manage? 8:59 Ever thought about going public? 9:27 Why don't you want to take it public? 10:53 Why did your father let employee's own half the company? 11:36 Are ETF's competitive to you? 12:43 What do investors want? 13:12 Who manages your money? 13:52 Do you feel particular wealthy? 14:55 ADVERT 15:27 Do you travel to see employee's? 16:08 You fly commercial? 16:40 Do you feel pressure to hire women? 19:00 Difference between building a company to joining on? 20:57 How many years would you like to consider doing this? 22:06 Would you children want to go into you business? 22:27 What do you not like? 23:06 How do you deal with philanthropy? Interview Date: 27th September, 2017 Event:The David Rubenstein Show Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/AJohnsonPic

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