A Very Interesting Video on Personal Finance and Coupons


A Very Interesting Video on Personal Finance and CouponsSurprisingly my wife found this video!

This is not the typical video I post on the site but it is both very interesting and very educational.

The video is about a woman who finds great deals and uses tons of coupons. She bought $267 worth of food for one penny!
It is an important lesson in personal finance. Most people do not have the time to do this but it is well worth looking into. The woman in the video saved $267 if she made $30 an hour lets say and spent three hours on her search it would be well worth the time. However, if she spent ten hours it would not be worth the time. Her method i

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This tactic is not for everyone but you can figure out based on your salary and other factors. But let us do some math her. There is an old saying a penny saved is a penny earned. As an investor I highly disagree. A penny saved is several pennies earned. If this woman put the $267 in her IRA in a stock index fund and earned 9% per annum in 50 years she would have about $20,000. If she was this frugal for many years and invested the money she saved she would retire with millions of dollars.

Below is the video

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