A Business Guide To The Facebook Graph Search Feature

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A Business Guide To The Facebook Graph Search Feature

The launch of Facebook’s Graph Search has driven a buzz amongst users and businesses. While everyone is getting familiar with the feature – figuring out how it can benefit them – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) moguls have been busy introducing the tool to business owners. Although the tool is currently in its beta testing stages, and limited to the English market, it has been generating a lot of action since the launch. In essence, the Graph Search is a networking tool. A feature that enables pages and businesses to be found easier and makes more information available to them.

If the tool works as intended, it will create a more direct path between consumers and businesses, increasing business exposure and commerce simultaneously. Since Facebook has become one of the largest business networking tools, it is not a surprise that a feature like this was released, especially this early in the year. Here are some things you will need to do in order to utilize the new Graph Search tool, according to the experts at Facebook:

  1. Perform routine maintenance on your page to ensure it is running on the latest update
  2. Ensure that your entire profile is complete including and especially information listed in the About Us section
  3. Include your location address in your profile, including town and state
  4. Optimize your page consistenly with fresh, engaging and entertaining content as well as informative concepts about your business, products or services

While most of these are pretty clean cut, others may pose a bit of a problem to some business owners, as they are quite time consuming. The concept of both the Graph Search and the recommendations above all fall under the same concept – the more information your profile provides, the more information is searchable by consumers and thus displayed by the search tool. If the information is omitted or inaccurate, odds are that you won’t see much difference with or without using the new tool.

While business owners and SEO specialists may have an easier time understanding the rules and strategies behind the Graph Search features, experts are strongly advising users to understand that there is a dinstinct difference between your typical SEO practices compared to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s SEO practices. Although the goal and concepts are the same – the strategies are quite different. The introduction of this new tool is intended to enable business owners open the communication lines directly with the target market searching for them. This will make search engine optimization more vital than ever. Here are some tips to maintain a well-optimized profile:

  • Utilize keywords in your profile that are specific to your location, products, industry and company benefits
  • Maintain a full profile that does not leave empty spaces or questions for your consumers
  • Update your page at least twice daily – one link to your website or products and another to engage and promote interaction
  • Give informative details to your visitors
  • Offer coupons, discounts and promotions that are exclusive to your social network fans

There’s SEO and then there’s Facebook SEO. If Graph Search takes off, the latter will become a big business.


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