4K UHD Blu-Ray Disc Appears On Torrent Website [CRACKED]

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Just yesterday, a Pirated copy of the Smurfs 2 appeared on the well known UltraHDclub website. The fact that this has happened, may not be big news to some, but for those who now, it sure is. Because it indicates, that for the very first time Blu-ray torrents may be possible. Continue reading for the details.

4K UHD Blu-ray Torrents a Reality?

Why the excitement? The reveal of The Smurfs 2 isn’t really about torrents; instead, it’s about encryption. And the fact that this film appeared on the site means, AACS 2.0, the standard technology to which 4K UHD’S are protected has been circumvented for the first time.

Still not convinced by the magnitude of this event? Thinking, what’s the fuss when there’s already no shortage of pirated material online? The answer is, nearly 99.9% is not 4K UHD content, and that which is, isn’t easy to find.

So, this revelation is enormous for those who want Blu-ray torrents, and for the film and TV industry as a whole. Becuase it means, AACS 2.0, a technology once thought to be unbreakable, has been broken into, and that could change everything.

A First Time For Everything

According to a report by TorrentFreak, the 4K UHD Blu-ray torrent on the UltraHD club is the first known movie ripped. However, as it stands, right now, no one knows if this is real, yes the rip, claims to be a Blu-ray torrent but it requires verification.

As such, many who would like to get their hands on a copy, or those many managed to circumvent AACS 2.0 must wait. Now, as for what is known, it appears that UltraHDclub is proud to be the home of such a rip. If true, it would give the site instant kudos among its peers and fans, and mean it has the very first 4K UHD Blu-ray torrent.


If the thought of a Blu-ray torrent copy of Smurfs 2 has you chomping at the bit. We’re sorry to say that as of earlier today it had not been fully seeded. The fact that it’s around 53GB in size may mean that you’re in for a wait, so you must be patient, or go out and buy a copy. Although, if you have enough patience, as time goes by, you can expect things to change. However, one thing that you can be certain of is, the film in questions creators are hardly going to sit on their hands and let this happen.

In fact, AACS, the outfit behind the supposedly cracked encryption, is also the licensing authority. It was founded by a group of film studios and tech firms to prevent this exact scenario from happening. So, if it does prove to be true, the likes of Warner Bros, Microsoft, and Intel have some serious work ahead of them.

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