3D Systems Corporation Designs Scoliosis ‘Bespoke’ Braces

3D Systems Corporation Designs Scoliosis ‘Bespoke’ Braces

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) revealed plans to make scoliosis braces more sleek and comfortable. These 3D printed braces will be known as “bespoke” and can be shaped according to the desires of the user, children as well as adult.

‘Bespoke’ for all ages

Generally, scoliosis braces are heavy and painful. Although the devices have improved over time, there are only limited options for millions of people who have this condition that causes their spines to curve.

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Stanford University medical doctor James Policy, who worked with 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) in testing the brace, said in a statement that all his children patients wanted a bespoke brace when they saw it on his desk. He said that never before kids had responded so positively to a brace. Policy said that kids found it so cool that once it was fitted, they were flaunting it in front of their friends.

Some adults find scoliosis braces embarrassing and do not wear them. However, with ‘bespoke’ braces, adults will not find them embarrassing to wear.

Superior products from 3D Systems

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD)’s ‘bespoke’ designer Scott Summit told CNET that the main theme is to integrate fashion, design and technology that will be far more effective medically. Summit is working along with Dr. Ken Trauner for over past four years to come up with a perfect design. The company announced that it tested the ‘bespoke braces’ by fitting them on 22 patients at Children’s Hospital of Oakland in California, and considers it is the right time to launch it. Summit said that 3D Systems is planning to design a series of patterns and designs of ‘bespoke braces’ for children and young adults in future.

In order to create a personalized ‘Bespoke’ brace, the company attaches a prototype “check socket” brace to the patient and then collects the appropriate sizes needed for the 3D printing. There can be alterations made in the braces if needed. For 3D printing, high-temperature laser sintering is used that gives the braces more comfort, flexibility and durability.

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) has made advanced products that proved to be useful for people with medical conditions. The company launched a 3D printed exoskeleton helping a woman to walk again after 20 years as she was paralysed during a skiing accident. Summit is also testing several different 3D-printed prosthetics for people with missing limbs.

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