He Will Kill Us All

He Will Kill Us All
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One of the most relevant questions of the new millennium is whether our nation can survive President Donald Trump. I’d like to suggest an even broader question: Can our planet survive this president?

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Will Our Nation Survive If Trump Wins The Election

If Mr. Trump manages to stay in office – whether by means fair or foul – try to imagine how he will continue dealing with the Coronavirus crisis, “law and order”, racial justice, healthcare, environmental regulation, and perhaps most importantly, American democracy.

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If he were to live that long, he might well get a compliant Supreme Court to allow him to run for a third term. And then, perhaps the dynasty might continue with King Donald Jr. and King Eric.

Try to imagine the quality of life in our nation just a few years from now. You’ll probably think of 2020 as “the good old days.”

No Friend Of Science

As we’ve learned over the last four years, our president is no friend of science. Not only has he appointed administrators who constantly overrule the scientists, physicians and other experts throughout the federal government, but he even tried to personally impose his own hurricane  forecast, while suppressing that of the National Weather Service.

This is a president who has called climate change a “Chinese hoax.” If Mr. Trump gets to serve a second term, we may learn the hard way whether he was right or wrong.

The ten warmest years on record have all occurred since 1998, and nine of those ten occurred since 2005. And that’s the good news!

How Trump Is Dealing With Global Warming

The bad news is that climate scientists are virtually unanimous that global warming will continue at an alarming rate through the rest of the century. How has President Trump been dealing with this gathering crisis?

Like the Coronavirus, it will vanish into thin air – so to speak. In the meanwhile, his minions in the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Interior and other federal agencies are happily scaling back or abolishing environmental regulations.

One of his first acts as president was to initiate our withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord – an agreement of 195 nations to reduce the world’s dependency on fuels to the point where greenhouse emissions will level off. If Trump were to remain in office, one can only imagine what he will do for an encore.

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Steve Slavin has a Ph.D. in economics from NYU, and has written twenty math and economics books, including “The Great American Economy: How Inefficiency Broke It, and What We Can Do to Fix it.” The 12th edition of his introductory economics text came out in September.
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