Uber Spreads Fear Amongst Riders & Drivers in Latest In-app Prop 22 Attack

Today, when California Uber drivers began their workday as essential employees, Uber displayed seven screens with Yes on Prop 22 talking points that are meant to prey on driver fears by continuing to spread misinformation about the ramifications of a potential Prop 22 defeat just 15 days away from the election. The latest in app messages threaten both riders and drivers.

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This egregious overstep is normal from a corporation that has chosen to invest in the record breaking $186 million dollar ballot measure campaign while continuing to refuse to provide drivers with paid sick leave or supporting their attempts to file for unemployment insurance.

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Uber Warns Divers Of The Ramifications Of Prop 22 Defeat

Uber, and the Yes on Prop 22 campaign, warned drivers that if Prop 22 is defeated, fewer jobs will be available and driver flexibility will be negatively impacted. At a time where drivers are facing even greater economic insecurity than before, this vile messaging is meant to threaten drivers who are not in support of the ballot measure that would weaken their safety net and diminish their earnings.

What is most outrageous, is that these threats are unfounded. First, there is nothing in current state law that would require Uber, Lyft and other gig companies to schedule shifts or limit driver flexibility. These billion dollar corporations, like every other business in the state of California, are simply being asked to offer drivers basic benefits like sick leave, overtime pay and workers compensation, which they can do while maintaining driver flexibility.

How Is The Company Estimating Job Losses

Lastly, it is unclear what metrics, if any, the company is using to estimate job loss—and how this is explicitly connected to Prop 22 versus the overall economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The exploitative business model of gig companies like Uber and Lyft are being held to account and in response, a wealthy few are trying to rig the rules to continue taking from working people.

Prop 22 opponents include Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Bernie Sanders and Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta. Additionally, the New York Times joined the California Democratic Party, Color of Change, Black Lives Matter LA, the Los Angeles Times, Sierra Club, and the Greenlining Institute to urge Californians to vote No on 22.

Gig Workers Rising is a campaign supporting and educating app and platform workers who are organizing for better wages, working conditions, and respect. @GigWorkersRise