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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Tesla Charging network

Some idiot out there still thinks Telsa is a hypergrowth company

Stanphyl Capital's letter to investors for the month of March, 2020 discussing that Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) isn't a hypergrowth company. Q4 2019 hedge fund letters,...
second coronavirus wave lockdown

Psychology Of The Covid-19 Virus Crisis

Psychology Of The Covid-19 Virus Crisis: The Use Of Shame And Guilt To Obtain Resources First and foremost: It seems so wrong for some government...
stimulus check

American people today are even more pessimistic than the economists

Forecasters are expecting millions more jobs to be lost as businesses shutter due to the pandemic. Goldman Sachs’ latest report predicts the economic slump...
breathing machines CPAP Machines Medical Ventilators

NYS to use other breathing machines during ventilator shortage

NYS, Others, to Use CPAP-Like Breathing Machines During Ventilator Shortage; Modifying Sleep Apnea Devices to Supplement Ventilators Could Save Many Lives Q4 2019 hedge fund...
increasingly anxious

Silicon Valley workers feeling increasingly anxiety during Covid-19 (Survey)

As we move away from the initial panicked reaction, deeper emotions begin to settle in. The reality of digital interactions is becoming the new...

COVID-19: Waiting For The Worst

COVID-19 Tracker: Waiting For The Worst I should be writing more. That's what I tell myself. I developed a system that generated decent returns for...

Due To Lack Of Testing We Are Self Destructing [CHARTS]

Whitney Tilsson's email to investors discussing how we could solve the coronavirus crisis tomorrow; clinical consequences of covid-19; I’m buying stocks on Monday; Abbott...
pension fund crisis

Debate over pension bailouts rages amid COVID-19 pandemic

Some think pension bailouts should be part of the equation now that the federal government is rolling out aid packages for businesses and individuals....
Fannie Mae mortgage backed securities

How GSE Reform Impacts Mortgage Rates

ValueWalk's Raul Panganiban interviews Tim Pagliara, Founder, Chairman and CIO of CapWealth group and Grant Stark, CFA, director of research at CapWealth Group. In...
Customer obsession communication with customers

Don’t Be Channel Obsessed. Be Customer Obsessed.

PPC. Social media. Content marketing. And, of course, SEO. With so much discussion about different marketing channels in 2020, it can be easy to...
Top 10 companies hiring new workers amid COVID-19 pandemic

Top 10 companies hiring new workers during the pandemic

Here we take a look at the top ten companies hiring the most number of new workers. Healthcare companies and retailers are adding jobs.
Berkshire Stock Valuation

Berkshire Stock Valuation: $1 Trillion In The Coming Years

Berkshire's stock valuation (BRK) shows how it is currently cheap if you think America will continue to be America. When the situation stabilizes, I...
monetary support

The Expansion Is Set To End

The current shock that the investment world is facing has three unique features: it is exogenous, it will likely be temporary, and its effect...
bill gates arrest bill gates coronavirus post

One fake Bill Gates coronavirus post and three real videos

If there's one name that keeps coming up in relation to the coronavirus, it's Bill Gates, and a fake post is now circulating through...
shift to active management

Status Quo is no more

Last quarterly newsletter headline was: "Sell your extended-share-price stocks with falling growth. Otos will help to isolate the best sell opportunities now. We are...