Create apps for your business with Appy Pie’s No Code App Builder!

Create apps for your business with Appy Pie’s No Code App Builder!
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The previous decade has seen the phenomenal rise of the smartphone industry. Smartphones have upgraded in quality, utility, and affordability making them one of the most crucial electrical gadgets of the era. The consumer market-accepted smartphones on a wide scale and smartphones have also become the preferred way of computing for many businesses conducting business. The commercial use of smartphones is still a new concept since moving from computers to smartphones cannot be rapid. However, the growing ability and affordability of smartphones with each iteration and model, is making small businesses adopt smartphones for their daily activities with some businesses skipping traditional workstations completely.

On the other hand, the wide adoption of smartphone technology raises the need for vastly complex software. 95% of the smartphone market is ruled by two operating systems – Android and iOS and both need software in the form of apps. This has created a flourishing industry dedicated to smartphone apps. With a growing customer base and customer demand, smartphone apps have become the need of the hour.

This has pushed other industries to rush to smartphones with their apps to increase their presence in a highly competitive and rewarding space. This is where Appy Pie has got your back. Why many small businesses fear making apps is the extensive cost and technology involved in the process. There is a high requirement of skilled resources, and infrastructure to develop apps. Apps also require regular maintenance and updates which adds to their overall costs. This is exactly

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However, with Appy Pie’s famed App Builder, you can make your own apps without coding! Make apps within minutes and have them published online immediately. Appy Pie App Builder eliminates the time needed to design and code an app with its codeless app building software. This means that both, experienced developers and people new to app-making, can use Appy Pie to make apps thanks to its user-friendly and interactive app dashboard. Apps can be made for all imaginable purposes. Be it for direct business or for providing services, Appy Pie App Builder can be used to make every kind of app.

How to make an app with Appy Pie in three steps

  1. Enter the name of your app:

Enter the name for your app. Choose a layout, design the look of your app based around the layout. Within a few clicks, you can make your apps look beautiful. Add your logos, your brand colors, and fun app backgrounds. For the background, you can choose an image from Appy Pie’s library or upload your own. Appy Pie provides various color palettes for your app. The app dashboard is user friendly and has a great interface making it simple and easy to create the perfect app design.

There are many app layouts available and the users of this app will have no problem in finding the one they want. Appy Pie also has the layouts of popular apps that you can use.

  1. Add Features:

You would have over 200 features to browse through and choose the perfect features that you can add to your app, by either dragging and dropping or by simply clicking them. You can even edit the features that you’ve added to your app. There are multiple parameters along which each feature can be edited giving every feature unimaginable versatility.Choose from interactive features like chatbots, AI, virtual and augmented reality, etc. With its regularly updated roster of features, you can have the newest and latest app technologies at the convenience of a click. With Appy Pie app builder you can create native mobile apps for Android, iOS, HTML and the platform also lets you make PWA apps for your websites.

  1. Test your app and publish it:

Once you’ve created your app, you can immediately move to the test. To test an app, you simply scan a QR code and install the app from the website. This works for all platforms and you can test the app in every single platform. That’s all there is to it. Once your app is ready, go on and publish it to the app store of your choice.

Benefits of making apps with Appy Pie:

  1. Codeless development: Making apps with Appy Pie is codeless. Their revolutionary dashboard-style interface removes the need for having even the slightest knowledge about programming. Both, beginners and veterans, will have fun making apps on this platform thanks to its minimal and simplistic dashboard.
  2. Ease-of-use: It is not a surprise that apps on the Appy Pie platform are easy to make. The platform is fast, responsive and user-friendly.
  3. Tutorials: Despite being such an easy app building software, there are many tutorials on using the interface. There is also an extensive knowledge base and forum to provide solutions for problems one might run to.
  4. App Testing: Another cool feature is the ability to test your app. The platform provides you the much-needed ability to test your app before it is published to an app store.
  5. Performance: App performance is extremely good. There is practically no difference in the speed between a coded app and an app made with Appy Pie.
  6. Versatility: The sheer versatility of the app making software is quite unbeatable. Even the features of the app are customizable as required with new features being added almost every other week.

Appy Pie App Builder is an excellent platform to make apps for small businesses. It provides a very practical solution to app making and is affordable. It also gives you access to technology in a way not many software can. The cherry on top is the excellent customer support provided by Appy Pie. Apps created with the app builder software are easy to maintain and can even be updated in real-time, something impossible even for native mobile apps.

Apps can be edited offline and Appy Pie also has an app that can be used for making immediate changes to your business app. No longer does a business need a dedicated development wing to make their software.

Other than their app builder, Appy Pie also provides other software that includes a website builder, workflow automation system called Appy Pie Connect, and a ChatBot Builder.

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