Top Five Best Backup Plugins for WordPress Websites

Top Five Best Backup Plugins for WordPress Websites

Today every online business has to deal with truckloads of data. And the information present in the form of data is extremely vital for businesses. This makes it all the more critical for you to regularly use backup plugins for your WordPress website to ensure that there is no loss of essential data. Just imagine what would happen if you find that the data of thousands of your customers is hacked or in a worse situation, the server crashes.

One way to overcome this situation is by employing WordPress backup plug-ins that will provide back up to your posts, product descriptions, pages, and everything else on your site. However, the catch is to select the right plug-in. With so many options available in the market, the problem of plenty makes it difficult for you to choose one of the best. If you are someone who is confused about selecting one of the top WordPress backup plugins, then this write-up has been developed especially for you.

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In the forthcoming sections of this blog, we have provided a list of top 10 backup plugins for WordPress websites. We promise after reading this piece of information; you will be in a far better situation to make the right call when it comes to selecting the right option to backup your WordPress website by availing ingenious WordPress development services in the USA.

However, before we look at the list, it is essential to look at the difference between premium and free plug-ins. Then we will discuss the vital features to look for while searching for the best backup solution.

Premium v/s. Free Backup Plugins

There are a wide array of backup plugins available that are available at free of cost. Some of them consist of extended features like off-site cloud storage that need you to spend money. Here are some of the benefits and limitations of premium and free plug-ins.

The most significant benefit of the free plug-in is, of course, the fact that it is available freely. However, please understand that there is a catch here. You get what you pay for. Then there are premium plug-ins like Snapshot Pro that provide a better support program. They have an excellent support team that can be contacted quickly to resolve the issue.

Companies that charge for their backup service every month usually are good at responding to the queries soon as they do not wish to lose their customers. If you wish to avail a premium backup plug-in we suggest you to download Snapshot Pro. After enrolling for their services, you will get 24x7 support and access to all their 100+ premium plug-ins and services for a total of 14 days.

Other users usually rate free backup options. There are times when they are downloaded and installed by hundreds of WordPress users. By reading their comments, you can very well gauge the performance of the plug-in and then download it.

If you are short of funds or do not wish to spend money on professional backup service, the best option in such situations is to go with a free choice.

Now, that you have understood the basic difference between a premium and free plug-in, the next thing is to look at the essential features to look for while searching for the best backup solution.

Some of the must-have features in all back-up plug-ins.


If a backup plug-in is not fully automated, there is not much sense to go for it since manual backup can be done by you, too, regularly.


Depending on your tech-savviness, it becomes easier for you to restore from a back-up.

The Acumen of Backing Up Your Entire Site

You need a backup plug-in that is not only efficient in backing up your database, but also media files, themes, etc. In case a plug-in can restore only a part of the site, it is not an ideal fit.


In the case of an emergency or an issue, it becomes essential to restore a backup. This is where you need a resource to turn to. This can be anything from a comprehensive resource page, FAQ guide, or dedicated support.

Now, that you have looked at the essential features of backup plugins, as promised, let’s divert our attention at the top 10 backup plugins for WordPress websites.


It is one of the best WordPress backups to ever exist in the market. It employs a plug-in to connect your site to their servers. This way, its set up is straightforward, and it uses incremental backups to reduce server load. It backups your site daily automatically. There is even a 90 days of backup history available. All the backups are stored securely on a server. You can also download the backups to Dropbox or your computer.

One fantastic option provided by BlogVault is its staging option. Here, you can create a staging site that can be used for testing before making changes to the live website. Next, you can restore your backup through your account dashboard, if required.

If you opt for a higher plan, it is possible to get a white label solution with the alternative to integrate clients and team members. So, now you know the exact reason for which WordPress management companies seem to opt for BlogVault for their backup requirements.

The other thing is that BlogVault also provides a security platform known as MalCare. If you opt for it by clicking on the “Backup and security” option at the top of the pricing page, it is possible to get malware scanning, a WordPress firewall, and a variety of additional features.

Apart from the backup and security functionality, you can even employ BlogVault as a management dashboard for all your sites, thereby enabling you to update themes, plug-ins, etc.

Note: In most of the backup tools, you learn about the problem of backup while restoring the site. However, in the case of BlogVault, it is possible to create a test restore site to resolve this problem.

VaultPress (part of Jetpack)

VaultPress is a backup & security solution developed by Automattic, the same company that operates It is now a part of Jetpack and automatically backups your entire website daily. You can back up your posts, revisions, media files, comments, etc. With the help of regular backups, it is possible to put less load on the server.

It comprises of a one-click restore process that is quite easy. Their support staff is always there to provide a helping hand. It consists of different plans, and each one of them comprises of uptime monitoring, spam protection, brute force attack protection, and much more. All this at a price that does not hurt your pockets!


The free version of this backup plug-in is amongst the top-ranking WordPress backup plugins on Google. It consists of more than one million active installs. Since it has a wider user base, obviously, it has been tried & tested in a variety of scenarios. When you opt for the free version, it is possible to backup your WordPress database and files. It even provides you with the option to restore your site from a backup and send your backup to remote storage. It is possible for you to either select for manually running backups or scheduling them.

On the other hand, the premium version provides lots of additional features to keep your site safe. You get automatic backups prior to updating to plug-ins, themes & WordPress, site migrator and Duplicator, and many more. It is even possible for you to purchase add-ons on an individual basis or as a bundle (which can save you money!)

Sucuri Website versus backup plugins

It is renowned for its security and performance, especially on websites. You get a CDN, firewall, malware removal, and other significant features. On top of their security & performance platform, Securi also provides backup service too. There is no need to install a plug-in for the backup. Simply connect to your website and backup your site on an automatic basis on a daily basis.

In case you wish to install a new plug-in, it is possible to run a new backup immediately without waiting for a single hour! It also provides email notifications and information about which files have changed since your last backup.


Everyone knows Duplicator as a migration plug-in. Duplicator is always renowned as a migration plug-in. However, it also happens to a handy WordPress backup plug-in. The free version of this plug-in backups your entire WordPress site on a manual basis. You can even opt to backup certain parts of the website. The premium version of Duplicator, i.e., Duplicator Pro, provides both instant and scheduled backups. This way, it is possible to keep your site backed up without much effort.

It even provides the option to send the backups to cloud services like Google Drive, Amazon S3, or Dropbox. So that your backups are always safe. It is even possible for you to limit the number of stored backups to conserve storage space.

Final Thoughts on backup plugins

These are some of the top backup plugins for WordPress website. To take advantage of these backup plugins, we suggest you to affiliate with a reputed WordPress website development company and take your online business to new heights of success!

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