Apple’s AirTag could be similar to Tile tracking devices

Everyone has misplaced their keys or another important item at some point, although some people do it much more often than others. This issue triggered the creation of products like Tile, a tag that can be attached to a variety of items in order to keep track of them. We’ve been hearing that Apple was working on its own Tile-like product, and now we seem to have confirmation. It sounds like Apple’s AirTag could be announced soon.

Revelation about Apple’s AirTag

9to5Mac spotted a folder called AirTag in the code for iOS 13.2. Based on the folder’s contents, the device will pair with the user’s iPhone in a similar manner to how the AirPods do. The device will also enable users to track items using the Find My app.

The assets spotted by 9to5Mac are placeholders which contain images of the HomePod, AirPods and other Apple devices. Thus, they don’t reveal very much about what Apple’s AirTag might look like. One feature that will surely be welcomed by users will be the ability to change the device’s battery. A video asset called “BatterySwap” appears to confirm this feature. Of note, many Tile-like devices do not allow the user to change the battery. Instead, they’re disposable and must be thrown away when the battery is dead.

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When will it be announced?

Since it looks like there is content and support for Apple’s AirTag in iOS 13.2, it seems likely that the company will reveal the product soon, possibly as early as this week. iOS 13.2 is expected to be rolled out soon, so it seems strange to include support for a product that hasn’t been announced yet if it won’t be revealed soon.

Apple can update the assets that were seen in iOS 13.2 remotely, so there is no way to tell whether the device will be shipping soon or not. The company just revealed the new AirPods with noise cancellation technology this week, so it does seem a bit strange that it would announce one product that’s coming soon but not another. The AirPods will start shipping tomorrow, so there is a chance that Apple’s AirTag is simply further out on the product release calendar.