The Business Benefits Of Tablets: Is It A Game-Changer?

The Business Benefits Of Tablets: Is It A Game-Changer?

Tablets have come a long way through improvements and innovations. Today’s tablets are not what they used to be ten years back – they have emerged as powerful computing gadgets that are capable to drive huge business benefits and user value to companies across industries. In certain cases, tablets are even replacing laptops! Currently, many companies have made tablet usage a strategic part of their IT infrastructure.

Tablet penetration at work

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Tablets proves to be especially advantageous amongst field executives who are mostly on-the-go while interacting with customers to drive sales opportunities. Powered with preloaded enterprise and custom apps, tablets are easier to carry anywhere, helping the executives to reach out and engage with customers at any point in time. Tablets offer seamless inventory/product visibility and service information, which facilitates speedy and effective decision-making and faster check-outs. They are being readily used for many other functionalities like business presentations, inventory management, payment options, product selection, team collaboration, client engagement and so on.

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Coming in different shapes, screen sizes, resolutions, and running in different operating systems, every company chooses their own unique tablet that fits the business use cases and fulfills the specific requirements like flawless and fast decision-making, improved business operations, better team functionality and workflows, cost reduction, faster time-to-market or enhanced customer experience.

What are the top 5 business benefits of tablets?

Effectuate telecommuting: Being portable, tablets are easy to carry and use while traveling or on-the-go. Tablets allow company field-force to stay updated and productive all the time, especially while traveling. Tablets take less space than laptops and are better than smartphones to work on (thanks to their wider screen). It is seamless to carry and is lightweight. With just the right size, tablets make the best companions for traveling executives who need to take quick decisions and give fast feedback.

Enhance business operations: Portable, easy to carry and light-weight tablets with the apt set of enterprise apps make it seamless for the executives to carry on their tasks on a daily basis. Many times, companies provide tablets to a specific group of executives who are responsible for driving certain critical business operations like inventory management, product delivery management, fleet and logistics management and so on. Working on these company-provided tablets allow them to stay productive while accessing necessary enterprise apps driving business functionalities.

Cost-effective user device: Businesses benefit from tablets as these devices don’t come with a hefty price tag. It makes total business sense for the companies even if they buy some dozens of tablets to drive enterprise mobility, as this will prove to bring good returns from the investment. Compared with laptops, tablets are exponentially cheaper. Lastly, tablets are less likely to be affected by a virus and also, the companies can avoid spending a bomb for their support and maintenance.

Improve team collaboration: Tablets can come preloaded with multiple enterprises and customized apps, social networking and collaboration tools. Writing and replying to emails becomes easier with a large-screened tablet. And the right collaboration tools like Skype, FaceTime, etc. make it easy for the executives to share and discuss business issues and information with teams, colleagues and clients. It is easy and fast to prepare and give a business presentation, even over a small coffee break.

Enhance customer experience: Customers always appreciate ready, fast and accurate product information with visual guides and images and tablets make the best solution for client-facing executives to serve this purpose. Be it a restaurant, or a retail store, a car showroom or a hotel, executives carrying tablets are enabled to help customers make better and quicker decisions about selecting the right product or choosing the right service option within minutes. This doesn’t only enhance customer experience but also expedite business revenue generation.

These modern-day feature-loaded devices have penetrated a large number of companies wherein they are being used on a daily basis boosting productivity, precision , and performance. Several industries have mitigated their routine business challenges with tablet usage.

Business Benefits Of Tablets

Infographic by Sonali Datta, Scalefusion

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