New iPhone 11 Max Renderings Show That Square-Shaped Bump Again


We’re still probably almost three months away from Apple’s launch event for the iPhone 11 line-up, but the leaks and rumors continue in the meantime. ValueWalk has received a set of renderings from case maker Olixar and retailer Mobile Fun. The iPhone 11 Max renderings back up previous rumors about the existence of a square-shaped camera bump on the phone’s rear.

Case makers typically receive device details ahead of time so they can create cases for devices and make them available at the time of launch. Presumably, Olixar developed these iPhone 11 Max renderings for cases it is working on. The case maker then sent the images to Mobile Fun, a retailer based in the U.K.

The bump and a redesigned mute switch

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The square-shaped bump on the back of the device has been rumored for quite some time. Apple is widely expected to include a triple-lens camera array inside the bump on this year’s iPhone models. The iPhone 11 Max renderings show the device in gold. We don’t know for sure that gold will be one of this year’s colors, although it seems likely based on the last couple of years.

iphone 11 max renderings cases
Image source: Olixar (via Mobile Fun)

The renderings also suggest that Apple may have redesigned the mute switch so that it’s more rounded rather than rectangular and moves vertically instead of horizontally. Interestingly, the images also indicate that the iPhone 11 Max will have a Lightning connector instead of USB-C ports. Other recent rumors have suggested just the opposite.

iphone 11 max renderings cases
Image source: Olixar (via Mobile Fun)

iPhone 11 Max renderings suggest Lightning… not USB-C

The image of the charger that appears on the screen of devices running the iOS 13 beta shows what appears to be a USB-C charger rather than a Lightning connector, which is presumably where this rumor comes from. However, multiple analysts and sources are suggesting that USB-C probably won’t arrive on the iPhone until next year.

The iPhone 11 Max renderings also suggest that the notch on the front of the device could be a bit smaller than the notch on the current line-up, although it is a bit difficult to tell the size for certain.

There’s no way to know how accurate these iPhone 11 Max renderings are. At this point, the design is essentially a guess which could be based on rumors we’ve heard. However, Olixar does have a solid track record when it comes to predictions about the designs of upcoming devices.

We won’t have anything official from Apple until the big reveal, which is usually set for the second Tuesday in September. Until then, we expect the rumor mill to keep fans busy.