Best Limo Car Service Vehicle To Hire For Transportation

Best Limo Car Service Vehicle To Hire For Transportation

Limo car service has been so much in trend. Be it business travel or wedding, hiring a luxurious ride offers ultimate convenience and peace of mind. It is proved to be the best mode of transportation. Though hiring a limo car service would be costlier than other modes, it is cost effective. By this means, a passenger gets an opportunity to relish the best of both the worlds viz. extravagance yet at affordable prices.

When it comes to selecting between modes of transportation, picking limo car service would be easy. This is because after comparing pros and cons of each one, hiring a luxurious limousine would be a preferable option. The question is that which car to select? Does the limo car service fleet you picked suits your purpose? Will it be available to fit all the passengers? These are some of the major concerns for which a person needs to find a feasible answer.

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Wondering, how is possible? Just take a glance towards the following limo car service guide infographic and you’ll get acquainted with the same.

  1. Luxury Sedan

Basic fleet

Opulent Leather Seats

Capacity of 1-4 passengers

Spacious to carry 1-2 large bags

Dual illuminating mirrors

  1. Premium Luxury Sedan

Superior class fleet

Accommodates 1-4 passengers

Extravagant interiors and exteriors

2-3 medium bags

Spacious seating

Mercedes – S class

  1. SUV

Fleet comprises of Chevy Suburban

Luxurious SUV

Accommodates 7 passengers

Capacity of 8-10 bags of luggage

Rear armrest and drinkware holders

Plush leather seats

  1. Van 10

Forward facing seating

Accommodates up to 14 limo car service passengers

AM/FM radio

Spacious enough to carry 10-12 large bags

  1. Mini Coach Bus

Accommodates 24-36 passengers

Reclining seats

AM/FM stereo & CD player

Spacious center aisle

Comfortable seating

Forward facing seating

  1. Coach Bus

Accommodates group of people up to 56 passengers

Wi-Fi facility

Spacious center aisle

Forward facing seating

Fiber optic lighting

AM/FM stereo & CD player

Reclining seats

From the aforementioned fleets, you can pick one that suits you the most. According to the occasion or event, you can make a move and select a limo car service vehicle from the options available. For better assurance, you can keep in mind do’s and don’ts of limo passengers.

Do show responsibility

You’re paying money to enjoy the ride and not for causing any damage to the vehicle. It is an etiquette of a passenger to show some responsibilities towards the vehicle hired. If any damage has been caused because of you then it would be your duty to pay the finances.

Don’t overload your vehicle

There is a reason why every limo car service fleet has passenger limit. It would be better if you don’t exceed a particular limit. Otherwise, the congested vehicle will cramp your entire journey.

Do show politeness to the chauffeur

The driver is the main person who puts a lot of effort to ensure you get convenience every minute of a ride. Chauffeurs always strive to make sure that passengers are able to relish the best and safest experience possible. Therefore, it would be better, if you show some gratitude towards the driver. Above all, paying a tip by the end of the limo car service trip would wonder.

Don’t pull your head through the main roof

No matter how fascinating it looks in the movies, but in real life it won’t be sensible if you take a long time, sticking your head through the main roof. It is dangerous and distracting for a driver, for which a limo company may charge you a fine.

Do plan your limo car service ahead

Planning is the major step to attain success any essential thing to do. Be it planning a trip or charging your phone well in advance, you should be prepared by all means.

Don’t drink too much

Though limo car service provider allows you to bring up a bottle to drink, it doesn’t mean you’d drink too much and lose your consciousness. If you fell sick and something happens to you that it demands caring then the company would get you fined.

Lastly, don’t forget to make the most of the luxurious ride. Enjoy it to the core and find peace of mind during the journey.

Advantages Of Limousines

Conduct Business

Limos are great while transporting your associates to and from airports or to important client meetings. Limos also offer great meeting space that other cars cannot. Limo seats are arranged in such a way that they face each other which makes it easy to prepare for meetings.

Moreover, Limos these days are also equipped with DVD players and televisions so you can enjoy video conferencing with your clients.

The Luxury Ride

Limos are great to make an ever-lasting impression on your clients or potential investors. This will not only impress your clients but it will send the message that you are serious about their investment.

More People

Limos are capable enough to transport up to 6-15 people. This means, if you have a group of 7-12 people then it is easier to hire a limo car service than several cars.

More Romance

Limos won’t only impress your client but will also impress your girl if you hire it on valentine or on your anniversary. You can spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Saves Time and Money

Hiring a limo car service is far more affordable than you think because when you add the parking fees, cost of renting a car, cost of your time when you are lost, getting stuck up in the traffic, all adds up the cost. So, hiring a limo is the best idea especially if you have a large group of people.

Best Limousines To Hire

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