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Are You Losing Money Because Of Your Air Systems?

So how do you know when your air filters are causing you any problems? Usually, the answer is taking a deep breath and seeing whether or not that causes you any problems. It is relatively easy to tell if the air in a home is dirty, but what is important is how you handle the problem. More often than not, the reason for dirty air in a home has to do with a problem involving your air filters. These tools are necessary parts of an air system that make sure that any passing airflow is cleaned up before entering your home. Understanding how they work is key to understanding how they could be costing you money.

Air Filter Weaving

Air filters are simple to understand. They only have one task and they do it effectively so long as they are installed properly and changed regularly. The way they work is that the air filters clean up incoming airflow by capturing irritants in a tight mesh weaving. This weaving is made tight enough to trap problematic particles but let fresh air through. Its effectiveness is actually rated on a scale called the MERV rating system. The higher the rating, the more effective the filters, but that also means they become dirtier faster. And dirty filters are the crux of the problem.


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The Problem with Dirty Air Filters

When an air filter is dirty, that means that the air flow coming through is going to have a tougher time making it through the mesh weaving. The filters never stop cleaning airflow which means they never stop building up particles that will eventually completely cover the mesh weaving. When air has a tougher time making it through an air system, you begin to notice it soon enough in your home. The air inside begins to dry out and you may see an increase in airborne particles. Your air systems will also suffer over time as well.

When an air filter is dirty, that does not mean the systems are just going to stop pumping air through. The systems will try to push air despite the blockage and strain themselves in the process. First of all, this is a drain on your home’s resources and leads to a rise in electric billing. Replacing your air filters is just one of many ways to lower your home electric bill, but that is not the only problem.

Further Air Filter Issues

When the systems are strained that also means that they could be worn down and eventually require repairs. This is a big expense and you can save by just having new air filters brought in. It’s simple and easy and only requires a handful of minutes. You don’t even need to go look for the filters, there are places online that sell them in bundles with discounts. You can even use the new filters as soon as they arrive at your home. The tools were meant for use as soon as they arrive. So fix the problem before it gets out of hand and maintain a regular replacement schedule so that no problems crop up over time.


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