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Why App Development Has A Hot Future

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives. With our increased dependability on our smartphones, it has become almost impossible to live without apps and losing a large chunk of our identity in the process. Apps are cheap, easy to use, entertaining and highly functional, which is why they are so insanely popular.  With their increase in popularity, the demand for more apps has become even greater. There is a ready market for high-quality apps among the billions of smartphone users around the world. This means that app development is the future, and anyone who does not invest in this growing industry will surely be left behind.

App development has become a huge, inescapable part of our lives. Indeed its relevance is only increasing day by day.

Why is this? This article seeks to find out why.

App Development
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There are many reasons why app development has grown into a billion dollar industry of its own. These reasons explain why this is happening, and why we can only expect it to continue in the same trajectory.

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Apps Make Life Easier

Smartphones have become very important part of our lives because of what they can do. Since all smartphones depend on apps to achieve their functionality, they owe everything to apps. With an app for almost everything you can think of, our lives are definitely easier because of them. From work to leisure, paying bills to banking, eating and socializing to travel and entertainment, health to shopping, virtually every aspect of our lives is intricately connected to our phones and apps.

Apps Come Cheap

Compared to the value they add to our lives, apps are extremely cheap. Today, we demand to have access to virtually every song ever written and every movie ever made, for free. We have access to all human civilization knowledge in the palm of our hands for free. All you have to do is check your Google or Wikipedia App. There are more free apps today than anyone can count, with more being added to the app stores every day. These concepts would have sounded like science fiction just a few years ago. Apps have made it all possible for us.

Apps Evolve With Us

As our likes, tastes and interests change, apps change with them. The most popular apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram are a reflection of the ideals of our society. New apps are launched every day, with updates to reflect the trends and what is in vogue. This is why everyone seems to be playing Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga all of a sudden. This is why apps will always remain relevant.

Apps Have Become Faster

Developers have really stepped up their game in this area. Before, apps would lag and be slow and be generally annoying. Today, it is rare to come across a laggy app, because laggy apps are promptly uninstalled. Faster functionality, mean faster results, faster results mean happier customers. Today, we have instant access to everything we want, no wait times whatsoever. Our entitled generation constantly expects even faster service, which means it is up to the developer to cater to this need.

Apps Make Money

Apps have provided a new avenue where developers and entrepreneurs can earn an income. For example, as of April 2017, Clash of Clans was the highest ranked gaming app in terms of revenue, making over 1.9 million dollars daily. Numbers such as these will only attract more developers to this space, and more apps will be born.

Apps Have a Function

Apps solve problems that their users have. Utility apps like calculators, clocks and weather apps are used nearly daily. Innovative apps like Talking Ted and gaming apps like Subway Surfers, Candy Crush Saga and Pokemon Go help kill time. GPS apps like Google Maps are handy tools that we cannot live without. Music apps like Spotify cater to a specific niche group of users. There are business apps, productivity apps, reader apps and many more that play a specific role in our lives.

Mobile apps are more relevant today than they ever before. They will only continue being relevant, as more and more innovative developers take on the challenge of building apps and change people's lives.  That said, the app development industry is the future, with limitless potential for growth.

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