Google Pixel 3 Camera Specifications And Rumors

Google Pixel 3 Camera Specifications And Rumors
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While we’re still enameled with the Google Pixel 2, rumors have been circulating around the web about the Google Pixel 3 camera and other potential features.

The Google Pixel Family

While Google has been the developer behind Android for years at this point, their approach previously has been exclusively focused on software rather than hardware when it came to mobile devices. However, the Google Pixel marked their foray into the high-end smartphone arena, and as expected from a company of their size and reputation it was incredibly well-received

The Google Pixel 2 released late last year and was an upgrade in almost every way over the original Pixel. While some bugs and other issues persist even to this day, it’s a valid competitor to smartphones from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

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One of the aspects for which the Pixel family was praised was the excellent camera, and the Google Pixel 3 camera will likely be no exception.

Google Pixel 3 Camera

Smartphone photography is huge, and in the past few years nearly every major manufacturer has made a point of highlighting the capabilities of their lenses and camera software in their advertising. If the past models are any indication, the Google Pixel 3 camera will likely be one of the best on the market when it releases — making it an industry powerhouse that will appeal to smartphone photography aficionados.

We’re still a good distance away from the official announcement and release of the upcoming flagship, but Google Pixel 3 camera rumors and leaks have been floating around the web and we have some ideas over what might be coming with the company’s next offering.

It’s important to keep in mind that these specifications aren’t solidified by any means, and are not information from the company themselves.

Bloomberg has suggested that we will see dual camera lenses for selfies on both models of the Pixel 3, while the rear-facing camera will remain singular as we’ve seen with this generation. While the lack of multiple lenses on the rear of the device might seem ill-advised, the Google Pixel 3 camera will likely still be a major improvement over the lenses of what remains one of the best smartphones for photography to date.

There is precious little other information about the Google Pixel 3 camera, but we’re hoping to see some improvements to the app itself. The lens is top-notch, but the addition of gesture controls to switch cameras with a swipe or set up a timed photo would put the software more in line with the likes of Samsung and LG — two competitors that are gunning for the top spot of “best smartphone camera”

Other potential improvements include adding a wider aperture, such as f/1.7 or f/1.5 — or perhaps even a variable aperture that adjusts to changes in light like we’ve seen with the Galaxy S9.

At the end of the day, however, the news of the dual-lens selfie camera and single lens rear shooter remain the only reliable information we have thus far. As we get closer to the release date, we should see more information regarding the Google Pixel 3 camera and additional features.

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