Google Pixel 3 Design, Camera, Other Features: What To Expect

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The Google Pixel 3 design is said to be one of the most intriguing issues in the smartphone niche this year. Expected in October, the smartphone will build on the foundation of the Pixel 2, which was considered a relatively solid performer last year, if a little unadventurous. The rumor mill is already churning with information on this forthcoming smartphone, so let’s take a look at what we can expect from this Google release.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor is set to be at the heart of the Google Pixel 3 design. This unit has already appeared in the Galaxy S9, and is set to migrate to the Google smartphone later this year. With the 845 being the newest and most advanced unit from Qualcomm, this will ensure that the Google Pixel 3 is a capable performer.

Elsewhere, a critical aspect of the Google Pixel 3 design will be the three models that are currently expected. The standard Google Pixel 3 will be accompanied by a Google Pixel 3 XL, while a third version of the smartphone will also appear as well. This third model was originally intended to debut in 2017, but was scrapped due to logistical difficulties.

Not too much is known about this third release, but it is expected that the device will probably be an affordable smartphone, intended to be popular in developing markets. With the smartphone niche becoming overcrowded, it is important for even the biggest players to diversify their product ranges.

There is also pressure on Google to ensure that the camera in the Google Pixel 3 is improved over the previous generation. While the photographic capabilities of the Google Pixel 2 were generally praised, the single-lens unit included was also considered less than ideal by many photography fans. This is particularly true in a contemporary climate in which most major smartphones offer dual-lens cameras.

So the very least expectation for the Google Pixel 3 design is that it will be predicated on the inclusion of a dual-camera. Most major smartphones will deliver this photographic feature in 2018, and Google must surely not be left out this time round. Luckily, the recruitment of a large portion of the HTC smartphone division should ensure that such technical accomplishments are feasible.

Samsung has also released a Galaxy S9 flagship with the most advanced camera in smartphone history recently. The aperture of this snapper exceeded any previous smartphone release, and this will naturally put pressure on other companies to deliver something similar. So we can expect the Google Pixel 3 to have impressive specifications, with the optical image stabilization, and dual-pixel-phase-detection autofocus of the Pixel 2 retained as well.

Aside from the Google Pixel 3 design, the release date of the device will also be of critical importance. While Google may be a dominant player in several other fields, it must be said that it still struggles to compete with Apple and Samsung in the mobile market. This means that the mega-corporation must time its smartphone releases appropriately, and this will impact on the Google Pixel 3 once more.

It is nonetheless probable that Google will stick to its release date of October for the Pixel 3, after the Google Pixel 2 appeared during the tenth month of the year. While this may result in the Pixel 3 being released in the same month as one iPhone model, it will still give the smartphone a relatively free run up to the key Christmas period.

Another interesting aspect of the Google Pixel 3 design is that Android P will be loaded into the smartphone from day one. Reports from close to the Google supply chain suggest that the manufacturer is currently working at optimizing its operating system in order that it will particularly suit the forthcoming Pixel 3. This is something that Apple has done with iOS and the iPhone range, of course, and could be hugely beneficial for Google smartphones going forward.

In particular, it is suggested that battery life will be improved in the Google Pixel 3, providing an extended lifecycle for the smartphone. This could be a big selling point for the next generation Google smartphone, particularly when one considers that the Apple iPhone range has frequently been criticized for its relatively paltry battery life.

Elsewhere, the actual design of the screen may be a critical point of the Pixel 3, with a new design aesthetic linked with the smartphone. It is believed that the Google Pixel 3 design will deliver a true edge-to-edge experience, removing bezels from the device almost completely. This will obviously help Google deliver a more immersive screen, and will be very welcome considering that other smartphone manufacturers have already delivered such wraparound displays.

It is also believed that Google is working on embedding certain features within the screen of the Pixel 3, and that this will result in a screen-based aesthetic that will dominate the design of the smartphone. Although the Google Pixel 3 design will include the notch associated with the Apple iPhone series, there will be general improvements to the overall appearance of the phone as well.

The Google Pixel 3 design could also incorporate fast-charging technology, as the developer looks to catch up with the likes of Samsung. While reviews of the Pixel 2 were pretty decent, it was noted that it takes a while to charge, and this could be addressed when the Google Pixel 3 is released.

It will be interesting to see what role LG technicians play with the Google Pixel 3, now that Google has formalized this relationship. One possible area where the Pixel 3 may deliver is with virtual reality, with this technology becoming an increasing fixture in the mainstream technology landscape.

In summary, the Google Pixel 3 is set to offer a significant improvement over the last generation Pixel 2, as Google attempts to establish itself as a truly mainstream mobile manufacturer.

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