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Users Report Galaxy A8 Sound Issue When Phone Is On Charging

A Samsung Galaxy A8 sound issue has been reported by a number of users that causes audio to cut out while listening to media.

The reports come from Samsung’s own forum, where people complain about the Galaxy A8 audio issues – particularly when the phone is connected to power and charging.

“Recently, I bought a new Samsung Galaxy A8 2018, and since I updated the android, I have sound problem, like static sound and distorted sound. It happens almost every time is listen to music or watch a video on YouTube or Google. Curiously, the problem is mostly observed when the phone is being charged (complainants confirmed they use original/bundled charger and cable). Following is a video proof that clearly shows the sound problem during charging. It goes away when the charger cable is plugged off, and comes back a while after the cable is again plugged in.”

Although this particular user seems to believe the problem happens only when the phone is charging, there have actually been multiple reports that the Galaxy A8 sound issue happens during regular use as well. It appears as if the issue isn’t the fact that the phone is charging, rather the fact that the phone is at a higher battery level.

It’s definitely a bizarre occurrence and there doesn’t seem to be a reasonable explanation for why people would be seeing the Galaxy A8 sound issue specifically when phones are at a specific battery level.

According to some users, the issue is more than just a minor annoyance.

“Having speaker to stutter/hiccup/cut every few seconds is not only annoying, but also dangerous, ESPECIALLY on phone calls. I have lost lots of small details on my phone calls (in speaker) and could almost not comprehend my caller’s speech
It’s worth mentioning that there’s no problem when using headphones or when connected over Bluetooth. Just that when speaker comes into action – playing audio/video (including notifications and ring tones) or enabling loud speaker mode during calls – the issue is observed.”

Some users have said that Samsung support is asking them to go in for a repair, but many believe that the problem is with the software rather than the hardware – with some echoing this suggesting by stating that the Galaxy A8 audio issue seemed to start after the February system update.

Those who went in for a repair are actually still having the problem, at least according to some forums around the web, which suggests that this is a problem on Samsung’s end rather than something that can be fixed in a repair shop.

We’ve included a video below that demonstrates the Galaxy A8 sound issue, so if you’re in the market for a new phone you might want to hold off until the company manages to address the problem one way or another if you want to avoid this potentially dangerous annoyance.