Samsung Wireless Charger Coming Alongside Galaxy S9 [REPORT]

Samsung Wireless Charger Coming Alongside Galaxy S9 [REPORT]
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While wireless charging has yet to unseat traditional methods as the best way to top off your phone, the technology continues to advance. With existing convenience and rapidly increasing utility, an upcoming revamp of the Samsung wireless charger may help sway customers towards a purchase with the upcoming Galaxy S9 release.

Samsung Wireless Charger

The Samsung wireless charger is already one of the better models on the market. Its compact hockey puck style is easy to take with you on the go, and simply setting your phone down on the pedestal to start charging saves a few seconds when it comes to getting your phone topped off. While it only takes a couple of seconds to plug in a traditional charger, there are definitely fans of the Samsung wireless charger — and after a few days of use it’s easy to see why. In stationary areas like a bedside table, wireless charging tech serves as a set-it-and-forget-it opportunity to make sure you start the day with a fully-charged device.

While the Samsung wireless charger has a lot going for it, there have been recent advancements in the underlying technology that have warranted a revamp of the popular tech. While we currently don’t know too much about what exactly the improvements will be, an online retailer reached out to technology website SamMobile with a confirmation that they had received plans for a new wireless charger for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. A new pad will replace the existing model, and reports suggest that we’ll see a new DeX pad as well.

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The updated DeX pad will also add new convenience and functionality to the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9+. The technology will purportedly allow people to use their phones as a mouse, provided the device is running Android 8.0 Oreo. This new perk will unlock the full capabilities of the DeX pad without requiring a keyboard and mouse.

While a confirmation from a retailer is a far cry from an official announcement from Samsung, there’s still a relatively high chance that we’ll see the Samsung wireless charger ship alongside the Galaxy S9 and S9+. With the phones’ launch anticipated in February or March of 2018, it’s likely that these rumors will be confirmed sooner rather than later.

Competing With Apple

With the recent release of the iPhone X, Apple has made waves in the luxury smartphone scene. WIth some of the most powerful specifications on the market and an innovative news Face ID technology, the tech giant has provided a product that offers a unique option in a sea of largely iterative devices.

Recent reports of specifications and features of the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9+ seem to suggest that it will be a step up from the current generation, but not a significant departure from the design philosophy of the Galaxy S8. While the S8 has been an incredibly popular phone, Samsung may be able to capture the attention of a market currently infatuated with Apple if they were to offer something we haven’t seen before. While a step up in power and a Samsung wireless charger are a start, it may not be big enough of an upgrade to warrant jumping ship from the current generation of phones to the company’s latest flagships.

With Apple’s AirPower charger set to make a debut in the near future — offering the ability to charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods simultaneously — Samsung may have their work cut out for them with the revamp of a wireless charger. We’ll have to wait until we’re closer to release to see what exactly the Korean manufacturer has up their sleeves.

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