ValueTalks With Jim Osman, CEO Of The Edge Group, On Special Sits And Upcoming Conference

ValueTalks With Jim Osman, CEO Of The Edge Group, On Special Sits And Upcoming Conference

Today is a very special episode with Jim Osman. He is the founder and CEO of The Edge Consulting Group. He is also the CEO of Peer Advisory Group. Before this he was a special situations portfolio manager at Claridge Capital Management. He also brings two decades worth of special situations experience and expertise. He attended London Business School Investment Management. In today’s episode we discuss whatspecial situations and spinoffs are, the potential opportunities for investors, and his firm the Edge.

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Jim Osman special situations and spinoffs


Below is an excerpt from our conversation:

Raul: “How would you define special situations and spinoffs?”

Jim: “That is a good question because I think a lot of people will define special situations in their own way. I mean people call it merger arbitrage, risk arbitrage. We don’t tend to do that. Honestly it can be anything. How we view special situations is an event that will change the structure of the stock in the future and post that event perhaps it may have a new value. Usually these values are hidden is it is our job to try to find out where that value if any is going to benefit our partners and clients. Anything that can change the stock over time.”

1:17 – Can you tell me about your background and how you got started in the investment and finance industry? What attracted you to it?

2:14 – Can you tell me about your company The Edge?

4:17 – How would you define special situations and spinoffs?

5:07 – Would you consider them risky?

7:07 – Can you give me an example of a successful spinoff pitch? What were the key drivers to the outperformance looking back?

9:40 – Are special situations capacity constrained?

11:28 – When you invest in special situations and spinoffs, do you need to diversify?

13:39 – How did your firm develop their expertise and what is your expertise?

15:28 – Who are your mentors?

17:45 – What are your favorite books?

20:46 – You have a conference coming up, can you tell me more about it?

Enjoy and thanks for the listen!

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