Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price: Could We See A $1000+ Phone?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price: Could We See A $1000+ Phone?
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While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the next flagship being launched by the Korean tech giant, the Note line is also due for a new entry later this year. Rumors are already floating around the web regarding the launch of this upcoming device, some of those being related to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price. Could we see one of the most expensive phones we’ve seen to date?

Samsung is one of the top Android manufacturers worldwide, and their S and Note lineups are some of the best-regarded devices on the market (outside of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco). With such high-end devices, it’s no wonder we’re seeing high-end prices, and it appears as if the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price could be one of the highest we’ve seen to date.

With the Galaxy Note 8 costing around $929, we’ve already seen a near $1000 phone from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price may be a good amount more considering the rising price of technology. With recent reports suggesting that the Galaxy S9 price may be $100 to $200 more than the S8, it’s reasonable to expect that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price will be somewhere in the range of $1100 to $1200 upon its release.

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While the iPhone X was the first of its kind to come in at over $1000, it definitely won’t be the last. Technology gets more expensive to develop as time goes on, so it’s likely that smartphones will continue to increase in price to match. There will be a certain point at which the price of a smartphone becomes too much for the average consumer to handle, and luxury smartphones like high-end Samsung and Apple devices are already out of reach for the majority of the world. A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price of $1100 to $1200 is already pretty excessive but is still affordable for users in countries where leasing phones is more common than buying. For people who have to buy the phones outright, however, these flagships are reserved for those who have a significant amount of disposable income.

Not much is known about what the upcoming has to offer, but with a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price of over $1000 we’re expecting great things. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S9 has a lackluster list of features ahead of its release, and barring some major revelation that we haven’t seen thus far, it’s likely to be a questionable buy considering the expected price tag. With updates to the camera and an increase in performance, there’s no doubt that it’s an upgrade over the Galaxy S8. Whether it’s enough of an upgrade to warrant the price tag, however, remains to be seen. If the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price is to be similar to that of the Galaxy S9, which we expect that it will, Samsung will need to deliver something exceptional in order to convince users that their phone is worth the exorbitant price tag.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price is quite high, the fact that the release date is a decent way out gives the company the time they need in order to refine a phone that will deliver and live up to expectations. Samsung has a number of new technologies in development, and while it’s not likely we’ll see a foldable screen like in the Galaxy X, there’s a possibility we’ll see some new tech that we haven’t really seen before from Samsung phones.

It has been rumored for quite some time that Samsung has been developing an under-display fingerprint scanner, and while there’s little reliable information as to whether that will be included with this new phone, the likely Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price warrants the inclusion of something revolutionary. As phones continue to grow in size and follow the trend of shrinking bezels, there is less and less space to place essential hardware like a fingerprint scanner. Samsung has opted to include the scanner on the rear of the phone, but that’s a rather awkward solution that many customers have been unhappy with. An under-display scanner would give the company a feature they could use to soften the blow of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price, with added convenience and better design, but the price might even be a stretch with that inclusion.

At the end of the day, however, any speculation about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is just that: speculation. There’s a possibility that the Korean smartphone developer will surprise us with the release of a competitively priced phone, but given the recent trend in the smartphone industry, we find that a little unlikely. Overall, while it’s difficult to nail down specifics, you should expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price to be on the high side.

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