Google Promises Another Update To Fix Strange Noises In Pixel 2 Series

Google Promises Another Update To Fix Strange Noises In Pixel 2 Series
Image Source: Google Store (screenshot)

Google has announced that it will fix the annoying buzzing sound in the Pixel 2 smartphones with the upcoming update. According to the Pixel User community manager, Orrin Hancock, the update would be delivered to the phones in the “coming weeks.” The coming weeks here probably refers to the December security patch.

New update to fix buzzing noises in Pixel 2 series

The issues regarding strange noises in Pixel 2 series first surfaced in late October, and at the time, the company stated that they were validating a software update for the fix, adding that the clicking noise would not make any difference in the performance of the device, but if users want, they can turn it off by accessing the NFC in settings> Connected devices> NFC.

Then, at the time of releasing the November security update, the search giant claimed that the update addresses fixed screen issues along with the buzzy noise. However, several Pixel 2 series owners continued to hear the annoying clicking noise even after the update.

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Now, the company is promising another security update to fix strange noises in Pixel 2 series.

On the Pixel user community forum, the community manager said, “We’re rolling out a software update in the coming weeks which eliminates a faint buzzing sound on some Pixel 2 devices when the phone is placed to your ear during a phone call.”

Google phones were touted as one of the best in their class, but shortly after the release, issues such as screen burn-in, strange noises and other issues caught people’s attention. About 100 users on the Google Pixel product forum stated that their Pixel 2 series phones were making clicking and high-frequency sounds during calls from the speaker.

Following the plethora of issues with the Pixel 2 phones, Google extended the hardware warranty by one additional year for both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, meaning customers can enjoy free service for two years. Speaking of the software support, the Pixel 2 series will get three years of Android OS updates along with an additional year of monthly security firmware.

Google Assistant for troubleshooting

Multiple reports suggest that soon Google will rely on its virtual assistant to resolve the common issues faced by Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL owners. According to Android Police, one of the users on a developer version of Android Oreo 8.1 reported to have gotten the feedback from the virtual assistant on why his battery was not charging up to 100%.

Further, the report states that the assistant would also be able to resolve the Bluetooth issue and run diagnostic tests on camera issues. For now, the Assistant seems to be running only on the Pixel 2, but it should eventually roll out to other devices running on Oreo.

Meanwhile, the company has already started rolling out a Google lens feature for the assistant in both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones. In the Photo, the feature can be activated when a user views an image or screenshot. The final version looks similar to the one activated in September. The user can access the camera viewfinder by tapping a new button in the bottom right corner. Thereafter, tapping anywhere freezes the view and triggers the search with all possible results and actions visible on the chips or cards that identify the item, notes 9to5google.

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