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Tom Jacobs On The True Father Of Special Situations – ValueTalks #3

Raul Panganiban with Tom Jacobs, editor of the newly-revised and republished edition of Maurece Schiller’s Fortunes in Special Situations in the Stock Market: The Authorized Edition CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 23, 2017), talks about what special situation is, where it started (including some unknown origins) and everything you want to know about the topic. This one is 50 minutes since it was a really interesting topic, so enjoy! I was actually involved in helping this book a while ago but I claim no credit for the book nor am I associated with it.

Stay tuned every Tuesday for another podcast – and we have some good ones coming up. Right now this is the schedule for the next two weeks with a LOT more planned which are already recorded and to be recorded.

The schedule is as follows (subject to change)

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From Amazon

"Never met Schiller, but read some of his stuff." - Warren Buffett. Forgotten for over 50 years, Schiller is the inventor of special situations investing for obtaining nearly riskless stock profits. Most of his books have been unknown and out of print until now. His life's work is monumental, on a scale with Graham and Buffett, and applicable to any time - for those willing to put in the hours. Includes case studies of live situations today.

Below is the  podcast followed by a more in-depth description of the book from the cover


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