Chris White Working with the Emotional Investor – ValueTalks Podcast #2

Chris White Working with the Emotional Investor – ValueTalks Podcast #2

Raul Panganiban with Chris White, author, Working with the Emotional Investor: Financial Psychology for Wealth Managers, Praeger (August 8, 2016), talks about behavioral finance, childhood experience, personality types, building trust, the issue with robo advisors, having children, why age 8 or so is key, corporate governance, and more in our second podcast.

If you missed the first podcast  University of Berkshire Hathaway make sure to check it out here.

Stay tuned every Tuesday for another podcast – and we have some good ones coming up. Right now this is the schedule for the next two weeks with a LOT more planned which are already recorded and to be recorded.

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The schedule is as follows (subject to change)

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Chris White, CFA, is an experienced wealth management advisor and strategist who has invested on behalf of hundreds of individuals, families, couples and institutions for more than 25 years. Check out his website here.

Below is the Emotional Investor podcast followed by a more in-depth description of the book from the cover

More on the Emotional Investor via

An invaluable resource for wealth managers advising individuals, couples, and families, this book explains why human emotions drive all investor behavior and makes a powerful case for why advisors need to be aware of such emotions in advising clients?especially in high-stakes situations.

• Outlines a powerful and insightful client management approach that wealth advisors and financial consultants can use to build stronger, more enduring relationships with all types of clients

• Highlights effective strategies that advisors can use to advise their clients, especially in high-stakes situations of market volatility or economic uncertainty

• Enables financial advisors to understand the subtle emotional factors and hidden human psychology that drive all investing and wealth management discussions and decision making

• Provides insights distilled from more than 20 years of experience in wealth management

Raul has graduated the University of Washington with a degree in Biochemistry. He has extensive experience in the food sector. He currently works as a commercial real estate broker in New York. He hosts and produces the Valuewalk Podcast and is an amateur value investor.

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