How To Remove Portrait Mode Effect In iOS 11

How To Remove Portrait Mode Effect In iOS 11

Portrait Mode was one of the biggest features included in the iPhone 7 Plus. It was also very good at what it sought out to do. Some other devices have attempted a similar “depth of field” effect with mixed results. Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7 Plus was always regarded as one of the best ways to take a portrait on a smartphone. However, some people didn’t enjoy the feature all the time. Some situations didn’t require portrait mode and it would often make some objects or backgrounds appear worse than they were before. As with any new tech, there are always some bugs to be worked out.

Now you can remove the portrait mode effect in iOS 11. Best of all, it’s super easy to remove portrait mode and then add it in for your future pictures. This isn’t the kind of change that requires a lot of steps to change back and forth. Apple clearly recognized that iPhone 7 Plus users would benefit from being able to disable the portrait mode effect in iOS 11 without being inconvenienced to turn it back on. Everything is done quickly and easily.

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All you have to do is, when taking a picture on your iPhone 7 Plus, slide over to portrait mode and tap “depth effect” at the top of the screen in the camera app. This will remove the depth effect and allow you to take a normal photo. Best of all, you can do this after the photo has been taken. You will be able to test the portrait mode effect in iOS 11 before you save your photo and upload it to Facebook or Twitter. If you like the depth effect, great! If not, just disable and move on! Simple, right?

Of course, this is not available in iOS 10 so you will have to wait for iOS 11 drop. There is a way to get onto iOS 11 now if you’re interested. We have an easy-to-follow guide right here. As with any beta software, there may be some bugs that could affect performance. The iOS 11 betas have been very stable but there is always the potential for an annoying bug to pop up. If you use your device for everything then you may want to skip the iOS 11 beta and wait for the public release. If you’re ready to tinker then go ahead and install iOS 11 and let us know your thoughts. Do you like the new Portrait Mode options or does it not really affect your picture taking habits?

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