Marc Andreessen’s Favorite Book: Poor Charlie’s Almanack

Marc Andreessen’s Favorite Book: Poor Charlie’s Almanack

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Marc Andreessen joined Barry Ritholtz on Masters in Business on May 19, 2017. At the end of the interview Marc shared a few of his favorite books.

Listen to the podcast below.

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To find out what Marc’s favorite books are, just keep reading the transcript below.

Barry Ritholtz: The question I get from listeners more than anyone, ask your guests what their favorite books are.

Marc Andreessen: Favorite books… So I have three quick nominations, and I’m gonna getting the hook here. “Poor Charlie's Almanack”, the compendium of Charlie Munger’s speeches I think is tremendous. “Extreme Ownership” has been a favorite recent book by a guy named Jocko Willink, he’s a former Navy seal commander.

Barry Ritholtz: “Extreme Ownership”…

Marc Andreessen: “Extreme Ownership”, one of the best books on leadership I’ve ever read and a tremendous, by the way, war story book as well. And then, what is the… man, there are so many. There is a brand new book by Robert Sapolsky I just started on human behavior, it’s sort of his magnum opus on human behavior. He’s the great evolutionary theorist, and so that would probably be the third one. That’s the new one but it looks very exciting.

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