Can Apple Make iPhone 8 Look Like This? [CONCEPT]

Can Apple Make iPhone 8 Look Like This? [CONCEPT]
Image Courtesy of Designer, David Chapman

The iPhone 8, is the most highly anticipated smartphone in history. In fact, it’s also probably one of, if not the most written about, unreleased device here on Valuewalk. And as you can imagine, we write about a lot of phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Today, we’ve got something special for you, and that’s an iPhone 8 Concept, which can only be described as gorgeous. Yes, it does stray a little from the current rumor mill consensus, but who cares. After all, those rumors haven’t been proven accurate yet.

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iPhone Pro Concept

Created by designer David Chapman, the iPhone 8, or iPhone Pro as he calls it, from the rear looks like the iPhone 7. However, the differences when you look closely become apparent, such as the edge-to-edge display, and the shape of the rear camera.

As for what critics of Chapman’s designs have said, it is the placement and shape of the rear camera and the material used for the iPhone 8 Concept’s rear. According to recent rumors, the iPhone 8 will adopt a wireless charging technology, for which a metal back just doesn’t work.

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Instead, if you believe what those rumors say, this iPhone 8 Concept should have featured a glass sandwich design. This design unlike the metal choice of Chapman’s design would consist of s stainless steel chassis. It would house the internal components and be placed between two pieces of 2.5D glass.

The problem with the Chapman’s concept is wrong theory, is Apple has yet to say anything about the next iPhone. So, who is to say his design is wrong? Yes, he doesn’t care or agree with everything others suggest, but at least he agrees the home button will be replaced. As well as an all-screen display will happen, he just decided to design what he wants to see.

iphone Pro
Image Courtesy of Designer, David Chapman

Being Picky

Now, there is one problem area for Chapman, that we do agree with, and that’s wireless charging. That’s one technology for which any 10th-anniversary iPhone must have. Apple’s smartphones have for too long lagged behind their Android rivals in that area, so whatever it’s called the new phone will have it. And that rules out a metal back, sorry David, but that’s just how it works.

Again, and unfortunately for what are undoubtedly gorgeous iPhone 8 Concepts, this change of rear material will also initialize another change. And that’s the moving of the much-hated Antenna lines; they will be moved from the back to the sides. This was last seen on the iPhone 5; it too had an all-glass sandwich design.

Now whether Chapman decided to just fly in the face of the latest rumor mill chatter or not. It’s clear he doesn’t agree or care about where the camera flash ‘should be placed’. Rather than having it placed between the two dual-rear camera sensors as other recent concepts have done. He has chosen to set his separated and alone, beneath the sensors. Is he wrong to do that? We don’t know, but, if industry insiders like Ming-Chi Kuo say otherwise, who are we to argue?

iphone 8 concept gold
Image Courtesy of Designer, David Chapman

Why The Difference?

Having taken a look at Chapman’s blog, and getting his permission to publish his designs here. It’s clear to see that he was inspired by recent iDropNews and other concept designs. However, in answer to the question above he states on his blog:

“I set out to show what an iPhone could look like if it maintained a “chin” and “forehead.” Most iPhone 8 concepts I’ve seen—while beautifully executed—either appeared top heavy or had a slit in the screen itself for the speaker.”

He also goes on to say:

“A post by MacRumors really got me thinking what a symmetrical design for this would look like. Seeing this IdropNews images got my creative juices going and I was off to make what you can see.”

Final Thougts

So, it’s clear, Chapman’s approach wasn’t to combine all the current rumors into an iPhone Pro concept. No, he was just looking to fill a need, as he saw it. He wanted a more elegant design concept, one that didn’t make the iPhone look too much like a Galaxy S8.

What do you think of Chapman’s designs? There’s no doubt in our minds that they’re gorgeous, probably, in fact, the best we’ve seen.


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