iOS 11 Lock Screen Features New Wallpaper-Based Animation

iOS 11 Lock Screen Features New Wallpaper-Based Animation

Apple just revealed the next version of iOS at WWDC earlier this month, so developers and those enrolled as beta testers have been spending lots of time trying it out. As more and more people spend more and more time with iOS 11, additional features that weren’t big enough to make it into the WWDC keynote are being noticed. One of the goodies that some testers have noticed is a new animation for the iOS 11 lock screen.

Apple adds iOS 11 lock screen animation

Redmond Pie described the new iOS 11 lock screen animation works, which sounds like a very subtle but cool effect. The animation also brings what appears to be a much-needed update to the lock screen, which on previous versions of iOS has been a stock animation offering the same look every time the user unlocks their iPhone or iPad.

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Needless to say, beta testers were pleasantly surprised with the iOS 11 lock screen animation. Instead of being a stock animation that always looks the same, the animation changes based on the wallpaper that’s being used on the device. When users go to unlock their devices running on iOS 11, they will see that the animation starts in the brightest area in the wallpaper they are using. The effect results in the lightest area of the wallpaper being the first part to be revealed under the iOS 11 lock screen.

Much more waiting to be uncovered in iOS 11

Needless to say, this new animation for the iOS 11 lock screen is nothing earth-shattering, and there are many more bigger changes coming to Apple’s mobile operating system. For one thing, the notification center that’s on the iOS 11 lock screen will have a much greater impact, and Apple made it clear during the WWDC keynote that there is a lot going on with the next version of its mobile operating system.

The new animation is all frills, and it can’t be missed. However, there are many other new features that haven’t been widely written about yet. Interestingly, it seems that Apple has taken the threat from jailbreaking seriously, not only by locking up iOS tighter and tighter, but also by giving users some of the things they want. Many of the new features in iOS 11 seem to have come from popular jailbreak tweaks, so the company may be hoping to persuade more people to stay with stock iOS instead of continuing to jailbreak.

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