American Manufacturing – A Look At The Biggest Industry By State

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There’s always talk about manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Whether they’re lost due to technology or because of trade. One thing that’s here to stay is the discussion about American Manufacturing and its  impact on the economy.

Bid-On-Equipment created a map of the leading manufacturing focuses in each state and the numbers behind them.

There are many clichés associated with American Manufacturing, including Michigan with automation and Washington for the aerospace field. While that does hold true to an extent, there is much more across the country from a manufacturing job outlook.

Animal slaughtering and processing is the leading manufacturing industry across the country. 16 states have animal slaughtering in their top three manufacturing output categories. The Midwest primarily owns the slaughtering space, along with automation production, but other states are big into the space as well. Georgia, North Carolina and Delaware also hold the animal associated manufacturing as their top industry.

Electronic instruments, often associated with the west coast, is second in line for manufacturing in the U.S. California has over 80,000 jobs in the respective space and has over 160,000 for the broader look of electronic manufacturing.

Unsurprisingly, the Midwest is primarily dominated by the motor vehicles parts and animal slaughtering manufacturing. Michigan’s employment in automation sector holds over 120,000 jobs alone. Ohio follows right behind for Midwest region with over 73,000 jobs in the motor space as well.

Michigan as a whole has nearly 300,000 jobs just within its top three manufacturing industries (motor vehicle parts, metalworking machinery and motor vehicles), falling only behind California for the most in the country with over 240,000.

The not-so-expected: New York and Hawaii might be more similar than one would normally guess. They both have bakeries and tortilla manufacturing as their leading industry. Hawaii holds over 2,500 jobs in the respective space and New York has nearly 23,000.

Mississippi is the only state to claim household and institutional furniture manufacturing as their top industry. This space has over 16,000 jobs.

Louisiana is another state to stand alone with their industry. Basic chemicals production is their leading industry with nearly 13,000 jobs and petroleum and coal products falls right behind with just over 12,000.

While jobs have gone down in the manufacturing space in the U.S. over recent years, they’re certainly not as obsolete as many might be led to believe. It is encouraging for the American economy there are still millions of them remaining.

Whether it be boat building or plastic production, the industry is far from dying in America.

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