Solution To 7 Day Cert For Yalu Jailbreak May Be Coming Soon

Solution To 7 Day Cert For Yalu Jailbreak May Be Coming Soon

The Italian Hacker and security researcher Luca Todesco has revealed that a solution for the 7-day certification limitation on his Yalu Jailbreak could arrive soon! If true, this means the frustration of having to generate a new signing certificate every week is over. Additionally, having to re-jailbreak when your device reboots could be about to end, meaning Apple’s attempt to prevent this have failed.

Yalu Jailbreak Solution

As it stands right now, every 7-days you need access to a computer and Cydia Impactor. So, it’s best that you continue as usual and be patient. However, is this Yalu Jailbreak certificate solution coming from Todesco? It looks like it isn’t. Instead, he could be getting a helping hand from the well known Saurik, AKA, Jay Freeman. Who has also hinted that he will release a solution for Yalu1011 and Yalu102.

Untethered Jailbreak

Why the help now, you may ask? Well, since Apple ramped up its security efforts in iOS9 and for iOS 10 jailbreaks like Yalu and the first PanGu solution have been semi-untethered. And that means, no solution has been without its difficulties and certification issues.

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Todesco produced a previous method of bypassing the certification issue using browser exploits. This removed the need to re-jailbreak every 7-days or after reboot. However, it also caused some security concerns and was not seen as a long-term fix. Additionally, there are some third-party hacks and tweaks which can do the job. But, both Luca Todesco and Saurik are advising users not to try them.

Many of these hacks, work by changing the system date of your device and illegal developer accounts to get past signing. And as such, Todesco and Saurik want to provide a safe solution, please be patient, don’t use them!

When will a Solution Arrive?

In answer to the above question, we don’t know. However, Saurik is working as fast as he can to make one available. If we had to guess, a Yalu jailbreak solution could be ready in less than one week! So, as we’ve repeatedly mentioned, please sit back and be patient.

However, if you’re yet to use the Yalu jailbreak on your 64-bit iOS 10 -10.2 device, you can find out how to do so here. The link takes you to a full tutorial on how to make use of Luca Todesco’s solution. But, remember, this is the one that does require 7-day signing.

As soon as we find out anything more about a possible update, we will publish it. Alternatively, if you have an iPhone 7 and are waiting for Todesco to produce a iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak for you. Read about how a solution is close!

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