2017 Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum – Kyle Bass Interview

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Capital Link Inc
Published on Dec 14, 2017
Mr. J. Kyle Bass, Chief Investment Officer, Hayman Capital Management

I think greece has gone through eight years of a Great Depression with GDP decline of roughly 30 percent that’s some of the some of the worst economic performance of any country in the world and we think that given the secular turn in southern Europe and that Greece has had to Bank restructurings and has had a write-off of their private sector debt we think there’s going to be a public sector debt solution that will allow

Greece to again rise and we think that the financial sector and the real estate and various sectors of Greece are the place to be investing for the next call it three to five years I have to my two recommendations are stop tax evasion and stop selective defaults on loans I think that the wealthy people in Greece need to pay their taxes and I think that the people that are selectively not paying their mortgages should pay their mortgages those two things would go a long long long way to helping Greece really accelerate economically


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