iOS 10 Surpasses iOS 9 In Adoption Rate; Installed On 48.16% Devices

iOS 10 Surpasses iOS 9 In Adoption Rate; Installed On 48.16% Devices
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It’s been a little over two weeks since the release of Apple’s iOS 10 mobile operating system. The iOS 10 has now overtaken its predecessor in terms of adoption, according to data from Mixpanel. As of September 28, the new OS is installed on 48.16% of iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. Mixpanel data showed that the iOS 9 still runs 47.79% of devices.

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iOS 8 and older versions run just 4.06% devices

The older versions of iOS are installed on only 4.06% of devices. It took the iOS 10 about 15 days to become the most popular version of Apple’s mobile software. It’s an impressive adoption rate considering it takes the latest versions of Android months or years to come even close to 50%. Within 24 hours of its launch, the iOS 10 was installed on 14.5% devices, and in one week the adoption skyrocketed to 34%.

Though the iOS 10 adoption numbers are growing steadily, it has been slower than that of iOS 9. Last year, the iOS 9 was installed on more than 50% of active devices within two weeks. The new operating system faced some early installation issues upon release on September 13, which could have made some Apple users wary of installing the update.

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Steady growth in adoption attributed to new features in iOS 10

All the exciting new features make the iOS 10 a compelling update. It brings a new Music app, a redesigned Lock Screen experience, new object and facial recognition capabilities in Photos app, and much more. Apple has opened Siri to third-party app developers, allowing them to integrate the voice assistant with their apps. Now you can send a WhatsApp messages, book an Uber ride, make Skype calls, and do much more through Siri.

However, Siri doesn’t always work with third-party apps as expected, and serves the error, “Sorry, You’ll Need To Continue In The App.” If you are experiencing this problem, here’s how to fix it. Apple has also revamped the Messages app with emojis, stickers, and a dedicated App Store.

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