Getting “Sorry, You’ll Need To Continue In The App” Error On iOS 10 Siri? Here’s A Fix

Getting “Sorry, You’ll Need To Continue In The App” Error On iOS 10 Siri? Here’s A Fix
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Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 10 brings many interesting new features. It allows the app developers to integrate their apps with Siri so that users can interact with their apps through voice commands. You can now book an Uber ride, send a WhatsApp message, make Skype calls, and do much more using Siri from your lock screen. However, it doesn’t always work as expected.

Enable app support for iOS 10

Many iPhone and iPad users with iOS 10 have complained that Siri sometimes bluntly tells them to carry out the task within the app manually. If you get the “Sorry, You’ll Need to Continue in the App” error from Siri, it could be because the app is not compatible. Apple has a dedicated section in the App Store showing which apps have enabled Siri integration.

If the given app is compatible with Siri, chances are the app doesn’t have the required permissions that allow you to use Siri. Here’s how you can enable app support for Siri in iOS 10:

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  • Make sure that you’ve downloaded and installed a Siri-compatible app from the App Store
  • Launch the Settings app and tap on Siri
  • Scroll down and tap on App Support. It shows you all the installed app that are compatible with Siri
  • Toggle on each app that you want Siri to have access to

Try deleting and then re-installing the app

This should allow you to interact with your favorite apps via Siri. If you are still getting the same error, you should consider deleting the app in question and re-install it. Then Siri should do what you ask it to do rather than telling you to perform the action manually.

It’s worth pointing out that you need to pronounce the name of the app properly. For instance, if you have both Lyft and Uber installed on your iOS 10 device, instead of asking Siri to “Get me a cab,” try something like “Get me an Uber.” Otherwise, Siri will ask you whether you want to use Lyft or Uber.


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